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Adjust or Disable the windows smartscreen Filter In Windows 10

There is no doubt that Windows is one of the most popular operating systems for any kind of people. The latest version of Windows 10 is probably the best invention of Microsoft as it is compatible with all types of people. Along with the standalone security shield, you can find some other security layers such as Smart Screen Filter. The windows SmartScreen filter is a technology that was initially designed for Internet Explorer to protect users from malicious websites and web applications.
Smart Screen is a security feature, introduced in Internet Explorer 8 to help protect against malicious websites. Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft implemented Internet Explorer’s windows smartscreen feature directly into the operating system. So that files are screened for being potentially harmful. In Windows 8.1 it was introduced to the desktop level. And warn you before running unrecognized apps from the Internet that could potentially be unsafe. And This security layer is built into Windows 10 too.

In Windows 10, you can find the Windows SmartScreen Filter working as a standalone security shield. If you go to install any suspicious software on your computer, it checks whether that is malicious or not. If so it will notify you immediately by a warning that looks like something Windows protected your PC.

What is a windows SmartScreen Filter?

Smart Screen Filter is one of the best security layers of Windows that scans all the files download through a web browser and shows a security warning if it detects any suspicious file. Windows Smart Screen prevented an unrecognized app from starting which might put your PC at risk.

The Windows SmartScreen filter sends information about every application you download and run to Microsoft’s servers. Where that information will be analyzed and compared with their malicious apps database. If Windows get negative feedback about the app from the server, it will prevent you from running the app.

Disable the Windows SmartScreen Filter

Although this feature seems very good and a must-have for your PC. But sometimes you may get the same problem while installing apps from the trusted resources. It happens frequently on Windows 10. Therefore, if you are getting such a warning oftentimes and would like to disable Smart Screen Filter in Windows 10. Here fallow bellow steps to disable smart screen filter on windows 10, 8.1, and 7 computers.
Notice: If you’re new to Windows 10, I recommend not turning off Smart Screen. It does help protect you from installing malicious software.

Change Windows Smart Screen settings

 To Change the windows smart screen filter setting or Disable it first Open the Control Panel. Navigate to System and Security then click on Security and maintenance As shown bellow image.
Or you can Also click Start menu search, type security, and maintenance and select the result from the top. In the left pane, you will see the Change Windows Smart Screen settings click on that.


You will get a popup  with three options
1.  keep it on with admin approval to allow running the app (the default),
2. warn about unrecognized apps but not require admin approval,
 3. Don’t do anything turn it off completely.


 You can either reduce the security or disable the Smart Screen Filter completely. Select the preferred option and hit the OK button.

Disable Windows Smart Screen using Registry Edit

you can disable or reduce the security of smart screen using Registry edit. But before do any changes to the registry it’s a good experience to Take backup or create a system restore point.

First open Windows Registry to do this click on Windows Start menu search type regedit.exe select it from search to Run command open Windows registry editor. Here on Windows Registry editor windows left pane Navigate the following path,


On your right side, you can find a key called SmartScreenEnabled. By default, it should be set to RequireAdmin.

Just double click on this key and change the value Set it to Off. That’s it. Close the windows registry and simply Restart windows. Next time when you install any app the smart screen pop will not appear.

I think after reading this post you are clear about the windows smart screen filter feature. How it works on Windows 10 and how you can easily Disable the smart screen filter protection on windows 10. Still have any query suggestion feel free to comment below.

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