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5 Windows 11 Hidden Features for Maximum Performance

Windows 11 was officially released in October last year and users have upgraded to this latest generation version. Microsoft brings many new features and improvements to its latest operating system. Even so, some users still seem confused about these windows 11 new features because they have a different appearance. It’s a shame if the new features are not fully utilized by users. Because Microsoft claims that Windows 11 is faster than its predecessor OS. Here are five hidden features of Windows 11 that users must know to maximize performance as reported by Cnet:

Focus Feature 

Notifications that appear suddenly on the laptop or computer screen sometimes interfere with work. Therefore, Microsoft provides the Focus feature in Windows 11 which is useful for blocking notifications that users don’t want.

To enable it, go to the Settings menu, System, then Focus Assist. Then adjust to the needs of each.

windows 11 focus assist

Minimizing Windows 

Opening multiple windows or windows at once while working on a laptop can facilitate work activities. On the other hand, this method actually makes users easily distracted. In order to maintain concentration, in Windows 11 users can minimize all windows except those that are actively used.

To do this, open the Settings menu, select System, visit Multitasking and turn on the Title Bar Window Shake feature.

Title bar window shake


Taking screenshots in Windows 11 can be done in various ways. First, press the Windows key and Print Screen on the keyboard at the same time if you want to take a full screenshot. Second, to take a certain part of the screen, press the Windows key + S to open the Snip and Sketch application. Drag the screenshot to the application, then the image is automatically saved in the Clipboard folder.

Turning Off Background Apps 

Apps running in the background, even if you don’t open them, can speed up battery drain and eat up internet data. To turn it off, by visiting the Settings menu, System then Power and Battery. Select Battery Saver so you can limit activities running in the background.


Opening Embedded Programs via Keyboard Shortcut 

Windows 11 users can pin multiple programs on the Taskbar. This is done so that when accessing the program can be faster. Without using a click of the mouse, the user can open the embedded program with the keyboard. Press the Windows key and a number at the same time (in order of the programs on the taskbar).

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