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Can’t install latest Windows 10 update Error 0x800F081F-0x20003

Having a problem with the Windows update, Can’t install the latest Windows 10 November 2021 Update? The feature update to Windows 10 failed with Error 0x800F081F – 0x20003. A number of users report they are unable to update the latest Windows 10 Error message:

We couldn’t install Windows 10. The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during INSTALL_UPDATES operation: Error 0x800F081F

For some others, the error is different like:

The Installation failed in the Safe_OS phase with an error during apply_image operation: Error: 0x800f081f – 0x20003

Mostly this Windows 10 Update Error 0x800F081F – 0x20003 is caused due to errors with various developer-related settings being enabled on your PC. And disable Windows 10 developer mode is probably a good solution. If you are also struggling with similar problems, here apply the solutions below.

Windows 10 Update Error 0x800F081F-0x20003

First of all check and make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 10 21H2. Microsoft has recently updated the minimum system requirement for Windows 10 may 2019 update below.

Processor1GHz or faster CPU or System on a Chip (SoC).
RAM1GB for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit.
Hard drive space32GB for 64-bit or 32-bit.
GraphicsDirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.
Display resolution800×600.
NetworkingWi-Fi or Ethernet adapter.


  • Well check and Make sure that your date/time settings are correct.
  • Temporarily uninstall any non-Microsoft security software (Antivirus, Firewall)
  • Disconnect any external devices that don’t need during the installation (e.g. USB storage devices, USB Wireless Adapters, etc.)
  • Check and make sure you have a working internet connection, and also disable VPN if configured on your PC.
  • Disable the Hard Drive Encryption (If enabled)
  • Also, we recommend perform a clean boot and check for the latest Windows updates. That probably helps if any third-party service conflict causes the error 0x800F081F – 0x20003

Disable Developer Mode

Well, if the basic solutions didn’t help, still getting Windows 10 Update Error 0x800F081F – 0x20003. Let’s follow the steps below to disable Developer mode on Windows 10.

  • Press the Windows + I keyboard shortcut to open the Settings app,
  • Then navigate to Update & Security > For Developers.
  • Here On the right side panel, select the toggle for Sideload apps or Microsoft Store apps. 
  • Click on Yes for any prompt that you get.

Disable Developer Mode

  • Now go back to the Settings home page,
  • Navigate to Apps > Apps & features.
  • On the right-side panel, click on Manage Optional Features.
  • Scroll down to find the entry for Windows Developer Mode, 
  • Here select it then click Uninstall.

Windows Developer Mode

  • After you are done uninstalling that component, close the Settings app
  • Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.
  • Now Check for Windows updates, check if there are no more errors.

Run Windows Update troubleshooter

Well if you are still having problems installing the latest Windows update. We recommend run a built-in Windows update troubleshooter that automatically detects and fixes problems prevent Windows 10 upgrade.

Well, the update troubleshooter also checks and restart Windows update and its related service. What’s more, this will reset Windows update components, include corrupted cache update files. that probably helps to fix most of the Windows update installation problems.

Manually reset Windows update components

This is another effective way to fix Windows update installation problems. Windows update to download and save update files on C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder. And any corruption on this folder cause problems installing Windows updates. And manually clear old Windows update files Next time force Windows update to download fresh files from the Microsoft server. And that is probably a very good solution work for most of the users to fix Windows update download and installation problems. You can read how to reset Windows update components in detail from here.

Use Windows 10 Update Assistant

Well, you can also use the Official Windows update assistant to upgrade the latest Windows 10 version 21H2 without any errors.

  • Visit the Microsoft official site
  • Click on Update now to download the latest Windows update assistant
  • Then right-click on the Windows update assistant setup file and select run as administrator,
  • This will automatically detect your system configuration,
  • If it’s compatible update assistant displays the update now button.
  • Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade to Windows 10 using the update assistant.

Also, you can use the official Windows 10  media creation tool to upgrade to the latest Windows 10.

I hope these tips help to fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x800F081F-0x20003, Still, need help feel free to discuss in the comments below. Also read:

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