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How to fix Windows 10 Activation problem after hardware change

Sometimes you may found Windows 10 is not activated after a recent hardware change or Upgrade Latest Windows 10 . Well, Windows 10 Activation issues can arise for various reasons Such as Hardware change in the system, incorrect OS version, or Internet Connectivity, or an outage (Network driver not native to system, power outage locally, etc.). And to deal with this type of problem, Microsoft has introduced an official Activation troubleshooter that helps with the most common activation issues including those caused by hardware changes in Windows 10. Here is how to use the Activation troubleshooter to fix Windows 10 activation problems.

Windows 10 Activation troubleshooter

To access the official Windows Activation Troubleshooter,

  • Press the Windows + I keyboard shortcut to open the settings app,
  • Click on Update & security then select Activation,
  • Here on the right-hand side select troubleshoot link,

Note: The Troubleshoot option won’t be available unless the operating system is not activated.

windows 10 Activation troubleshooter

  • Click yes if ask for user account permission,
  • Now the troubleshooter will attempt to detect fix activation problems.
  • You have a digital license for Windows 10 Pro, but Windows 10 Home is installed
  • You have a digital license for Windows 10 Home, but Windows 10 Pro is installed
  • You have a digital license for Windows, but it hasn’t been activated
  • You recently made a significant hardware change
  • If the problem started after a recent hardware change select the option I changed hardware on this device recently link.

Changed hardware recently

Then sign in to your linked Microsoft account using user name and password

login Microsoft account

Select the device (computer name) you are currently using and want to re-activate with your linked digital license,

Check the This is the device I’m using right now box, and click/tap on Activate.

select the device

This will automatically detect and activate your PC.

Windows is activated

If you’re signed in using the correct Microsoft account, here are some reasons why you can’t reactivate Windows:

  • No Internet connection.
  • The edition of Windows on your device doesn’t match the edition of Windows you linked to your digital license.
  • The type of device you’re activating doesn’t match the type of device you linked to your digital license.
  • Windows was never activated on your device or the device is not running Genuine Windows.
  • You reached the limit on the number of times you can reactivate Windows on your device.
  • Your device has more than one administrator, and a different administrator already reactivated Windows.
  • The edition of Windows on your device is not Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.
  • Your device is managed by your organization and the option to reactivate Windows isn’t available. For help with reactivation, contact your organization’s support person.

If you need additional help reactivating Windows on your device, contact Microsoft customer support or try to activate by phone.

That’s all, Did the Activation troubleshooter help to fix Windows 10 activation problems? Let us know on the comments below, also read:

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