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A Few Reasons to Prefer Windows 10 Over Windows 11

In the world of technology, software or hardware is constantly evolving. While every new development presents us with many new technologies, some innovations may not show the expected effect much. In this article, we talk about why you should prefer Windows 10 instead of Windows 11, which can not give what is expected with its output.

Microsoft entered the new year with a brand new operating system windows 11. Microsoft, which put an end to the idea that Windows 10 will be the last Windows version and will be constantly updated, presented us today with the Windows 11 version, which attracts attention with its new design. Actually yes, the new Windows 11 looks very attractive and of course, it’s so inviting that it doesn’t hurt to try it. But do we have a very serious reason to switch to Windows 11 compared to Windows 10? Whatever your answer, we have some reasons not to pass.

Compared to Windows 11, Windows 10 is a more compatible system

Maybe you wanted so badly to upgrade to Windows 11 but couldn’t.The only thing that prevents your hand from going to the load button is not your emotions but maybe your hardware. Yes, Windows 11 is the hardest nut to upgrade we’ve ever seen.

The most important challenge is the necessity of an 8th-generation Intel processor or an AMD processor with Zen 2 architecture. In addition, a module called TPM 2.0 is one of the reasons that makes this installation difficult. Your PC system may be new or up-to-date, but remember that many people still have older generation hardware on their systems. So the only option for these people is a new PC.


However, you are not required to do so because Windows 10 does not have such obligations. Windows 10, an operating system that can easily enter much older systems, was once an operating system that even the FBI was sent to the door by Microsoft to upgrade it. So the compatibility is much wider for Windows 10.

Windows 11 for more bugs and bugs

Windows 11 is not yet a year old. It didn’t get the major update package with major fixes. Therefore, like a child, he learns many things by making mistakes. Windows 11, which has many problems, especially with hardware and software compatibility, is trying to fix every new error with new updates.

This was the case when the Windows 10 version was first released, but over the years, Microsoft has managed to make Windows 10 almost seamless. So much so that they even broke things that were working fine with some recent updates. Therefore, if you say that there is no room for error with us, the Windows 10 version offers a bulletproof PC experience for you.

Android support is still not ready

When Windows 11 was introduced, it attracted attention with its Android-based application support. Windows 11, which is stated to run applications that will be installed directly from the store or externally without any emulators, unfortunately still has not achieved this feature. It is actually possible to use this feature, but in order to do this, it is necessary to install one of the preview structures offered to the developers, these structures contain more errors. contains.

So, will this feature not come to Windows 11? Of course, it will come, but it will have to wait for a while. Therefore, you will still need to use emulators to run Android applications on Windows, which Windows 10 can do.

Windows 11 is actually like Windows 10

Windows 11 was essentially an interface update for Windows 10 called Sun Valley. But Microsoft decided to make this update different and present it as a new operating system, and here we are with Windows 11.

In other words, Windows 11 is a Windows 10 operating system in disguise. Apart from a few features, you can find a different version of what we saw on Windows 11 on Windows 10. Android-only app support is not available on Windows 10, but could that be a stand-alone reason for an upgrade?

Windows 11 gaming features actually work on Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it will offer advanced gaming features within the new operating system Windows 11, hitting the developing and growing PC gamers right in the heart. The most notable of these were AutoHDR, DirectStorage and Xbox application integration. Essentially, these features were only available for Windows 11 in the first announcements and published versions, but Microsoft gave up this attitude in a very short time and made these features available for Windows 10 as well.

On the other hand, on the FPS side, Microsoft mentioned that the games can offer higher FPS with the game-oriented working logic. In practice, unfortunately, this is not the case. FPS values ​​are exactly the same in almost all games.

Windows 10 will continue to receive updates until 2025

Windows 10 debuted with a lifetime update guarantee at the time of its release. Of course, this is not the case today because we have a new operating system. But Microsoft does not forget its promise and promises to keep Windows 10 up to date by 2025 by changing it.

So if current security is a problem for you, you don’t need to think about it for a few more years. Windows 10 will stay a little more up to date .

Windows 11 isn’t bad but still needs time

Every version of Windows since the Windows 95 era has generated great excitement for consumers. Legends such as Windows XP and Windows 7 were fed by these excitements and their names are still mentioned even today.

Of course, some versions such as Vista and Windows 8 may be called the worst on the dusty shelves of history, but Windows 11 will remain with us as a clean and new operating system start. Windows 11 is not a bad operating system, on the contrary, it brings us the long-awaited refreshing change with a modern interface.

Windows 11 new user interface

The important point here is that the operating system is not yet fully cooked. Yes, it is usable now, but it has a long time to get better. Therefore, if you are overly excited for Windows 11, we recommend that you restrain this excitement and stay on Windows 10 for a while. Trust us, you won’t lose much.

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