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Fix We cant install some updates because other updates are in progress

Windows 10 is the best Ever operating system by Microsoft compared to previous windows 8.1 and 7. New awesome Features, reliable security, optimized speed and more. Also With windows 10 Microsoft makes update installation automatic. This means if a windows 10 computer system is connected with the Microsoft server through the internet then this will receive the latest Windows Updates automatically. Also If needed, then the PC’s owner can hassle the installation of updates by opening the Settings app, opening Updates & Security, and clicking on Check for Updates button. But sometimes windows users report “We can’t install some updates because other updates are in progress.” Error while checking windows updates.

Normally this error We can’t install some updates because other updates are in progress. Restarting your computer may help, and we’ll keep trying to update means that the windows system is currently working on the earlier updates, which might not have been installed properly. And This Error mostly occurs If there is some corruption of files related to Microsoft Installer service (msiserver), and Windows blocks other updates from installing even when there is no update being installed at the moment. As a consequence of this user is unable to install any Feature updates.

We can’t install some updates

If you are also suffering with this Update installation Error ” We can’t install some updates because other updates are in progress” Here apply bellow solutions to fix this. Start with Basic Solution Simply Restart windows computer. And check again for the latest available updates from settings -.> updates & Security – check for updates. If still getting the same error follow next step.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Microsoft released an official  Windows Update Troubleshooting tool to find and fix Windows updates installation Errors. so we strongly recommend to run this tool and let windows to fix the problem itself first. You can download the Windows Update Troubleshooter from the official site and run or you can open the control panel -> small icon view select troubleshooting – View all and select -> windows update.

Here click on advanced then checkmark apply repair automatically, click next and follow onscreen instructions. This will look for the problems which prevent to download and install updates, if found anything this will fix itself or instruct the solution. Then after restart windows and check Update installation problem is solved? Still need help, follow next solution.

Restart Windows Installer service

Sometimes the certain repair or uninstall processes can start automatically in the background, and it can require Windows Installer service in order to run. If you try to install another software while Windows Installer is running you’ll encounter this error. One of the simplest ways to fix this problem is to restart the Windows Installer service. To do this

Press Win + R then type services.msc and hit the enter key. On Windows services scroll down and look for windows installer service and double click on it.

Here check service status if its running simply stop and start it again. Or if its not running simply click on start to run the service. Now click apply and ok to make save the changes, Again restart windows and check problem solved still need help try to re-register the windows installer service by following next step.

Re-register Windows Installer Service

If the above methods failed to fix Then re-register the windows installer service is the best working solution, Fixed windows update installation error We can’t install some updates because other updates are in progress for most windows users. To Re-register the Windows installer follow the below steps.

First Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager. or you can right-click on Taskbar and select Task Manager. Then Switch to the Services tab and scroll down to found msiserver service. Right click on it and select Stop.

Next open command prompt as administrator. you can do this by type cmd on start menu search select command prompt, Right click on it and select run as administrator.

Here type fallowing commands one by one and press Enter key to execute the command :


After that again open Task Manager -> Services -> right-click msiserver service and select Start. Now Restart the windows computer and check for windows updates hope this will fix the update installation problem We can’t install some updates because other updates are in progress.

Tweak Registry Editor

Also you tweak windows registry editor to fix update installation error We can’t install some updates because other updates are in progress on Windows 10.

Note: we recommended to create a system restore point before make any changes on windows registry. If anything goes wrong while registry tweak we can perform a system restore to revert back windows into the previous working state.

First open Windows registry editor by press win +R then type regedit and hit the enter key. Next, Navigate to the following on left pane.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Session Manager

Here on the left pane find and right-click on the PendingFileRenameOperations registry string (REG_MULTI_SZ). Then select Delete and click yes to confirm. close regitry and restart windows then check for updates hope this time you dint face any problem while install windows updates.

Delete Software Distribution folder

This one is user suggestion Solution: Some Users suggest Delete / Rename the software distribution folder ( which store the windows update files and folders ) will fix almost 90% of windows update installation problems include Fix We can’t install some updates because other updates are in progress. New Created software distribution folder will download and install updates without any problem.

Open Command prompt as administrator then stop the following windows services ( windows update and BITS ) using the command below.

net stop wuauserv

net stop bits

This will turn off the Windows Update Service and Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Now open C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution Delete all files and folders inside software distribution folder then Again Restart the windows services using the following command.

net start wuauserv

net start bits

After that simply Restart windows and check for windows updates. I hope this time windows install updates without any error.

These are some best working solutions to fix Fix We cant install some updates because other updates are in progress on Windows 10 computers. I hope after apply these solutions windows update installation problem will get fixed, Still have any queries, suggestions feel free to comment below.

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