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VPN software: what is it and how does it work?

Every day, many people are on the go, usually in several networks, and every piece of information or activity could be read by other users. To protect themselves from this and to ensure security for company-internal data, companies in particular use a VPN program. This creates a separate network that is only accessible to internal members. In principle, anyone can protect themselves from hackers with VPN software, especially if public WiFi networks are used.

VPN software stands for virtual private network.

What is VPN (software)?

VPN stands for ” Virtual Private Network “, i.e. it is a virtual private network, which is often used by companies so that their employees can access the internal network from home or on the road without the risk of third parties reading the data and communications.

VPN software: A “Virtual Private Network” is also often used by companies

What is VPN

Journalists also use VPN software to be able to surf the Internet abroad without any problems. Because the government in some countries blocks access to certain sites. But the use of VPN software is also interesting for private individuals.

Because everyone who surfs in public networks runs the risk of their own data traffic being read. VPN software, which can be installed on all Internet-enabled devices, provides more security.

With VPN, the Internet connection is encrypted from the network card to the VPN server. This takes place in real time and can prevent the transmitted information from being recorded or eavesdropped on. The type of Internet connection, the end device or the location are unimportant. With VPN software, a website is accessed via an intermediate station and thus one’s own IP address, to which everyone can easily be traced back, remains invisible. This is not the only way to encrypt an Internet connection: there are various tools.

VPN software offers the advantage of being able to surf with a foreign IP address and still be able to surf at high speed.

How does VPN work?

A virtual private network is a self-contained sub- network within a larger IP network in which participants are spatially separated from one another. With VPN software, the participants are connected via a VPN protocol to a login server, which is usually available worldwide, and receive a new IP address after the encrypted tunnel has been set up. Network packets are completely encrypted with VPN because it changes the individual IP address of the end device so that it cannot be traced and security and anonymity are fundamentally guaranteed.

This is done via a virtual network card in the customer’s computer. This appears in the operating system as a normal Ethernet adapter and is also used as such by the system and the programs. Here, however, the data that is transmitted via this network card is highly encrypted. This encryption ensures that the Internet connection is not visible to others and is not assigned to the user.

VPN tunnel

VPN tools are used to hide activities on the Internet. Therefore, the question arises whether the use of VPN is allowed. But companies also use VPN to set up an internal network. However, if copyrighted material is downloaded via file sharing and this is to be concealed using VPN software, this constitutes misuse. This means, however, that the use of VPN is not illegal per se, only its misuse. If VPN software is used and no illegal activities are carried out, there are no legal consequences to fear.

If VPN software is used and no illegal activities are pursued on the Internet, there is no need to fear any legal consequences.

What is VPN streaming?

For series fans, VPN software also offers the possibility of using various offers that are only available abroad. Netflix, for example, offers significantly more series and films in the USA than in Other countries. With a VPN client, these offers can also be accessed via streaming. Likewise on the video platform YouTube. Here the uploaded videos will be blocked in different countries. Blocking can be circumvented by using VPN software.

Examples of VPN software

There are many different VPN providers that you can download and install very easily. Free software is available online as a free download. However, it often has the disadvantage that it is associated with advertising or involves waiting times. Alternatively, there are also fee-based providers. The prices vary enormously between a few dollars and more than 50 dollars per month, some of which are available as an annual subscription.
Free Software:

  • App Opera VPN (nur iOS)
  • Cloud VPN (Android)
  • Open VPN

Paid software:

VPN software – short and compact

VPN is a virtual network that is created by redirecting via a VPN server and thus provides more security and anonymity. As a result, activities on the network are encrypted and important data such as passwords or company-internal information cannot be read by third parties. The use of VPN software is generally legal, but only if it does not conceal any illegal activities.

VPN software FAQ

Does VPN guarantee complete anonymity?

  • The various providers promise that when using VPN, your own IP address will not be saved before encryption. However, in the case of serious crimes, the investigating authorities can still demand that existing data be released in the event of a court order. What information is involved can differ depending on the provider and location of the server.

Can content from foreign sites be accessed with VPN software?

  • Yes, with VPN software you can access the Internet from any country and, accordingly, access the content available in that country. Accordingly, you can also stream series or films with VPN, for example, which are not available in Germany.

Is using a VPN illegal and can I be prosecuted for doing so?

  • The use of VPN software is generally legal. Only those who engage in illegal activities on the Internet and misuse VPN to cover them up are liable to prosecution. Accordingly, copyrighted material may not be made available for download, downloaded or shared, as this may constitute copyright infringement.

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