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Solved: Video Scheduler Internal Error On Windows 11/10

The Video Scheduler Internal Error is primarily related to issues with your graphics card and its associated drivers. The video scheduler is responsible for managing and scheduling tasks related to your computer’s graphics, including rendering videos, animations, and graphical user interfaces. Usually, you may encounter video scheduler internal error when playing games or doing Graphics related tasks such as video editing, working on a Photoshop app etc. Outdated or Incompatible Graphics Drivers, Corrupted System Files, software conflicts, or Hardware issues are common reasons cause video_scheduler_internal_error on Windows 11. When this error occurs your system crashes with a blue screen error to avoid future damage. Let’s explore the reason behind this error and troubleshooting steps to fix the video scheduler internal error in Windows 11.

video scheduler internal error on Windows 11

The video scheduler is a component responsible for managing and coordinating tasks related to the graphics processing unit (GPU) of your computer. And this video_scheduler_internal_error usually occurs when there’s a problem with how your computer handles graphics-related tasks. It’s like a miscommunication between your graphics card and the system.

One primary cause of this error is outdated or incompatible graphics card drivers, disrupt the communication between the video scheduler and the GPU, trigger video scheduler internal error when playing games.

System files responsible for graphics processing might become corrupted due to various reasons, including malware infections, improper shutdowns, or hardware failures. And Corrupted files can disrupt the functioning of the video scheduler and trigger the blue screen error.

Faulty graphics card hardware, loose connections, or overheating can cause the video scheduler to encounter errors.

Conflicts between graphics drivers and third-party software can lead to instability and trigger the video_scheduler_internal_error on Windows 11.

Problems with system memory (RAM), operating system glitches or bugs or Communication issues between hardware components also trigger Windows 11 blue screen error.

Check Hardware Connections

Faulty hardware connections can disrupt the smooth operation of your graphics card. Ensuring proper seating of the graphics card and cable connections can prevent errors.

  • Ensure your graphics card is properly seated in its slot.
  • Check cable connections between your monitor and graphics card.

In addition, disconnect external devices and restarting the computer helps prevent hardware-related disruptions that could trigger video_scheduler_internal_error on Windows 11.

Start Windows safe mode

If due to this blue screen error computer crashes or restarts frequently, start Windows 11 safe mode and apply the solutions below. Starting Windows in Safe Mode loads minimal drivers and software, making it easier to identify if a third-party software or driver is causing the video_scheduler_internal_error.

This also helps pinpoint whether the error is caused by third-party software or drivers.

Shod shift the key, click on the start menu  -> power option then select restart to access the Windows recovery environment.

  • Click on Troubleshoot then Advanced options -> Startup settings -> Restart.

Windows Advanced Options

  • Press F5 to start your computer in “Safe Mode” and see if the error persists.
  • If not, a third-party software or driver might be causing the problem.

Safe Mode to troubleshoot video_scheduler_internal_error

Update Device Drivers

Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers are a common culprit behind the Video Scheduler Internal Error. Install or update the Graphics driver with the latest version to ensure compatibility with the latest Windows updates and enhance stability.

Updating drivers ensures compatibility and resolves known issues, reducing the likelihood of encountering the error.

  1. Right-click the Start button and select “Device Manager.”
  2. Expand the “Display adapters” section, right-click your graphics card, and choose “Update driver.”
  3. Select Search automatically for drivers and Follow the on-screen prompts to update the driver.

Update Graphics driver to fix video_scheduler_internal_error

Also, Consider downloading the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website if needed.

Download NVIDIA driver

Install Windows Update

Windows Update not only delivers security patches but also provides driver updates that might address compatibility issues, thereby mitigating the error.

  1. Press the Windows key + I to open Settings.
  2. Go to “Windows Update” and click “Check for updates.”
  3. Install any available updates, including driver updates if offered.

windows 11 update help fix video_scheduler_internal_error

In addition, click advanced options then optional updates to check if driver updates or optional updates are available. Allow them to download and install on your Device and restart Windows to apply the changes.

Optional updates

Check for System File Corruption

Corrupted system files can adversely affect graphics processing. Running the System File Checker (SFC) and Deployment Imaging Service and Management Tool (DISM) scans can restore the integrity of these critical files.

This will restore the integrity of corrupted files, enhancing the overall stability of the system.

  • Press Windows key + S and type cmd, right-click on the command prompt select run as administrator,
  • First, run the DISM command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth 
  • Next, run the system file checker command sfc /scannow 

Run DISM restore health windows 11

The above command repair or replace the corrupted system files, even reset the Windows registry, and repair the system image.

Uninstall Problematic Software

Conflicts between third-party software and graphics drivers can lead to instability. Uninstalling recently installed software that might interfere with the graphics subsystem can mitigate this issue.

This will emoves potential sources of conflicts, and reduce the chances of encountering the Blue screen error.

  1. Right-click the Start button and select “Installed apps.”
  2. Uninstall any recently installed software that might be conflicting with your graphics drivers.

Uninstall apps on windows 11

Perform System Restore

System Restore allows you to revert your system to a previous state, potentially eliminating the error if it originated after a recent change or installation.

  1. Type “Create a restore point” in the Windows search bar and open the corresponding settings.
  2. Click the “System Restore” button and follow the prompts to restore your system to a point before the error occurred.

Perform system restore to fix video scheduler internal error

This can can effectively roll back changes that might have triggered the error.

Scan for malware infection

Sometimes Malware and viruses can interfere with system processes, including graphics-related tasks, and potentially trigger errors like the Video Scheduler Internal Error. Perform a full system scan with latest updated antivirus or antimalware program to detect infections and remove them.

Also, you can use Windows security (Defender) to perform full system scan and remove any malware or virus infection.

Windows security scan to fix video scheduler internal error windows 11

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