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New laptop: what do you need to upgrade to Windows 11 for free?

Windows 11 has been with us for several months and little by little the update is coming to computers compatible with Windows 10. Also, if we buy a new computer, on many occasions we will find it with the old system, although if we meet the requirements, we can always upgrade to new Microsoft software. Most users, especially when they start working with a new computer, want to have the latest software on their computers. This is something that, how could it be otherwise, reaches operating systems. Based on the fact that most desktops work with the Redmond proposal, these users seek to have or upgrade to Windows 11.

With everything and with this we must take into consideration that one of the biggest problems that we are going to find with Windows 11 is the system requirements demanded by its developer.

To give you an idea, some current computers do not comply with these, although they could work perfectly with the new operating system. Hence the complaints sent to the firm by users from all over the world. Precisely all this is what we want to talk about next so that you have it clear.

Specifically, we are going to focus on what we are going to need in advance in the new laptop that we have bought to be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free. And it is that not all computers, even if they are new, will be able to carry out this movement from Windows 10.

What does my new laptop need to upgrade to Windows 11?

Well, in the event that we find that our new laptop comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, let’s see what we need to update to the new system. From there and if we meet the requirements that Microsoft demands, we will only have to access the Windows Update application so that the operating system offers us said update. This is something that may take a few days, since it is not always immediate, even if our equipment is compatible.


  • Valid Windows 10 license: obviously first of all we need our operating system to be completely legal. With this, what we mean is that it will be essential to have a Windows with its corresponding license and that it is active. Otherwise, the upgrade to Windows 11 will never be offered automatically.
  • 2-core processor: here it is best to have a modern processor, something that occurs in most cases if the computer is new. In the event that we find an Intel, it must be of the eighth generation or higher to be compatible with the new system. In addition, it must support the TPM 2.0 security system, something very common in the latest CPUs.
  • 4 gigs of RAM: in addition to the aforementioned CPU, we will also need our computer to have at least 4 gigs of RAM. That is the minimum, although we recommend, if possible, increase this amount to 8 or 16 gigabytes.
  • Hard drive with 64 gigabytes free: how could it be otherwise, another essential element is the available disk space. Therefore, to be able to update without any problem, we will need at least 64 gigabytes free. But this is the minimum required, a little more available space will never be left over in these cases.

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