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How to Update Drivers in Windows 11 and 10

Updating your drivers in Windows is essential like windows update. Old and outdated drivers can cause so many problems. Your PC may perform slowly and many programs may not work properly. So, You should always keep your drivers up to date. Here is How to Update Drivers in Windows 11 and 10.

Updating your drivers is like updating any of your software, connects your devices to your computer and its essential for keeping your PC working. 

Steps to Update Drivers in Windows

Updating drivers in Windows 11 or 10, 8 or 7 is quite easy. There are two ways.

update device drivers windows

Update from Device Manager

You can do it from the device manager. Here are the instructions –

  • First of all open RUN by pressing Windows Key + R from the keyboard.
  • Now, Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
  • You will see a new window which the device manager. There you will see all of the drivers list of your PC.
  • To update any of them, Just right click on that driver and choose Update Driver Software.


  • Now, You will get two options. a. Search automatically for updated driver software b. Browse my computer for driver software. If you have a good internet connection, Choose the first one. You also ca choose the second one. In that case, You should have to offline driver package saved in your local hard disk.
  • After choosing first option, It will search for the latest driver software online and update it automatically. You may be asked for permission.
  • If you choose, Second option, You will need to browse and select the folder where the driver installer has been saved/downloaded. After doing it, Your PC will install it automatically.

Update Driver from Latest Installer Package Manually

You also can update/upgrade your driver software version manually by installing the latest released software. To do it,

  • Visit your computer manufacturer’s website. If you have a PC of Dell, Just go to If you have HP, Go to You will have to find the download center where you will find all of the latest driver software.
  • Choose your model number and download it from the available released software. There should be an option to automatically detect your computer model. It will also suggest you the drivers which should be updated.
  • Anyway, If you download drivers manually, You can just install them normally. It will automatically update the existing version.

Driver download

Update Drivers by Intel Driver Update Utility

In your Windows PC, You also can update your drivers by Intel Driver Update Utility. You will have to download it from here:

intel driver assistant

  • After downloading, Install and launch it.
  • Click on Scan. It will automatically scan your PC and look for the latest driver updates.
  • After a few seconds/minutes, You will have the driver lists which should be updated. You can download them by clicking on Download Button.
  • After that install them normally.

Check Windows update

Install the latest Windows update not only brings security improvements and bug fixes but also installs driver updates as well. That’s why check and installing the latest Windows update is always a good way to update drivers in Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC.

To install the latest Windows update on your PC:

  • Press the Windows key + S, type Windows update and press enter key,
  • Now hit the check for updates button to allow the download and install the latest Windows updates from the Microsoft server.
  • Once done you need reboot your PC to apply them


Also, you can opt for third-party driver updater software to automatically download and install the latest device driver software on your computer and laptop.

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