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Fix Windows 10 November 2021 update Version 21H2 Update problems

Microsoft Released Windows 10 version 21H2 with Lots of New Features and Improvements. Also releases system updates from time to time and by default To fix bugs on the current system and improve features. Windows 10 is constantly receiving updates, some big and some small, usually without a hitch. But sometimes users Report windows 10 update download getting stuck, the update refusing to install with different error codes. like windows 10 upgrade setup failed to initialize the working directory or the system being caught up in a restart loop etc. So If you are also suffering from problems while download and install windows updates, Here we have some working solutions to fix windows 10 update problems and install windows update smoothly without any errors.

Fix Windows 10 Update Problems

Windows Update is a key part of maintaining and securing your windows computer. And Windows 10 operating system has been set to check and install those updates automatically provided that the computer is connected to the Internet. But sometimes due to software conflict, Corrupt system files, Corrupted update database ( software distribution folder ) windows fails to install updates with showing different errors, stuck at any point while downloading and installing updates, or stuck at windows startup screen showing a message like configuring updates for hours, etc. Here follow the below steps to get rid of this problem.

Start with basic Troubleshooting

1. Make sure you have enough free disk space (at least 1 GB ) on your hard drive To install updates.

2. Check and verify that the Time zone, Date, and time are correct on your computer. A past or future date both prevent Windows Update and Genuine Windows Validation tool from working properly.

3. Temporary disable Antivirus software and try install updates

4. Run The windows SFC utility, If any corrupt system file prevents windows to install updates. system file checker tool ( SFC utility ) will Automatically check and fix them.

5. Check Hard Disk for Errors, (If the Hard disk has errors or Bed sectors this may prevent download and install updates.)  To do this open command prompt as administrator and type chkdsk /f /r /x hit enter key. press Y. Close the command prompt and restart windows, Wait until 100% complete the scanning process.

Use Advanced Options To fix Windows 10 update problems

If Update installation Stuck at startup screen like failure configuring windows updates reverting changes Or configuring windows updates for a long time, unable to access the desktop screen to perform any troubleshooting steps. Then Simply Turn off the system by pressing the power key. Now boot Windows to Advanced Startup Options Here you can Access a Number of Troubleshooting tools like Startup Repair, Advanced Command prompt, System Restore, safe mode boot.

Run the Startup Repair If any Start-up application causes the problem and windows are unable to Start and complete update installation This startup repair will check and fix them.

If the Startup Repair is unable to fix then you can boot Windows into safe mode with networking. And perform Bellow Steps.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooting Tool

Windows have an inbuilt Update Troubleshooting tool that detects and automatically resolves any problems with Windows Update. So first let windows do fix itself by running this tool. You can download the official Windows update Troubleshooting Tool and run it as administrator. Or you can Type Troubleshoot and hit the enter key on windows 10 start menu search. this will open the windows Troubleshooting window. Here click on view all As shown below to list out all available tools.

Now Scroll down and look for the Windows Update Troubleshooting tool. We are going to troubleshoot windows update-related problems so now click on windows update. This will open the Windows update Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problems window.

Here on Click on Advanced and tick on Apply Repairs automatically And click on next. It will then begin to detect any problems and automatically repair them. If it finds any, it will list them and whether it was able to resolve them or not. From here you can view detailed information to find out more.

When this finishes just Restart your system. You can now attempt to rerun Windows Update Check now updates install without any errors, Or still need help if yes fallow next step.

Clear Windows Update Cache to fix windows 10 update problems

Sometimes Corrupt Windows update Cache may be caused by Update Installation. If your windows update download is getting stuck during download or refuses to install, it might be that something went wrong with the file itself. Clearing the folder where all of the update files are stored will force Windows Update to download afresh, which can help resolve any problems. To do this follow steps,

Right-click on Windows 10 Start menu and select command prompt ( admin ) or you can type cmd on start menu search right click on command prompt from search results and select run as administrator. Here on Command prompt Type bellow commands.

First Stop Windows Services

First type net stop wuauserv to stop the windows update service.

Next, type net stop cryptSvc to stop the Cryptographic service.

Now type net stop bits to stop background intelligent transfer service

And Type net stop dosvc To Stop the Delivery Optimization Service

The last type net stop msiserver to stop the windows installer service

Delete or rename update cache folders

Now Go to C: > Windows > SoftwareDistribution > DataStore ,  C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 and to C: > Windows > Software Distribution > Downloads Delete all the files inside the folder.

It may ask you for administrator permission. Give it. Don’t worry. There’s nothing vital here. Windows Update will recreate what it needs the next time you run it.

Note: If you don’t want to delete them you can rename them by using the command. To do this open the command prompt and type. 

ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old To rename the SoftwareDistribution folder

Next type ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old To rename the Catroot2 folder

Last ren C: > Windows > SoftwareDistribution > DataStore DataStore.old To rename the DataStore folder

Restart the windows services

Now To Start the stopped services move to command prompt and type below commands

First type net start wuauserv to start the windows update service.

Next type net start cryptSvc to start the Cryptographic service.

Now type net start bits to start background intelligent transfer service

And Type net start dosvc To start the Delivery Optimization Service

Last type net start msiserver to start the windows installer service

After That Simply restart your computer and run Windows Update. It’s worth noting that this troubleshooting step has solved a problem for the Number of windows users. Hope Also works for you.

Deployment Image Servicing and Management

Still, you are unable to fix the problem Run Microsoft  Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool. Then try to install the Windows updates again.

Open/Run Command prompt as an Administrator
Type the following commands.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth   (Note – This command take at least 20 to 30 minutes of time to complete)

After Complete This Again Type Bellow command and press enter key to execute the command.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

DISM restore health command

Now Simply Restart the windows and run Windows Update again. This Time your updates are installed without any error.

Use Media Creation Tool or windows setup media

For Most of the users after perform the above steps windows 10 update problems will get solved. If still, you are getting the problem to while installing the update after performing the above steps, Then the next option you can try is using the official Windows Media Creation Tool or Windows 10 setup media to check for and install updates. Simply Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool double-click it to run it.

Then startup. Choose the Download and Install Updates (recommended). Wait until windows download and install updates for your computer. Make sure you are connected to the internet while running this tool. If setup successfully completes this step, close the wizard then restart your computer.

Refresh Windows 10 And install Updates

If after performing methods still you getting the error while installing windows updates, Then something is wrong with the windows installation. You can Refresh windows to fresh installation then check for updates, Hope this step work for you.

Note: Before performing refresh windows Installation backup all your important data.

These are some best working solutions to fix windows 10 update problems. Hope after performing steps your update installation problems and errors like windows 10 upgrade setup failed to initialize the working directory will get solved. Still, have any query, suggestion feel free to comment below. Also, read Stop Automatic Forced Upgrade to Feature Updates (Build 1709) in Windows 10

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