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How To Fix This Site can’t be reached error in Google Chrome

Getting Error This site can’t be reached while Browse Any webpage? Even the Internet connection is connected properly But unable to Browse The website with error like This site can’t be reached ”’s server DNS address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. The cause of this error is that DNS (DNS is the network service that translates a website’s name to its net address) lookup failed, or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network. That’s why the webpage is not available. If you are also suffering from this error Here apply bellow solutions to fix  This site can’t be reached Error on Google Chrome Browser.

This site can’t be reached error’s server DNS address could not be found.

This Site can’t be reached by error

Start with basic troubleshooting most users report it is a cookie issue that prevents Chrome from connecting to select site and web pages and clear old cookies from Chrome browser worked for them.

Clear Cookies On Chrome Browser

  • To clear all Cookies open Google Chrome Browser and use the shortcut key Ctrl-Shift-Del.
  • Here make sure “Cookies and other site and plugin data” and “the beginning of time” under Obliterate following items are selected it is overkill as you will delete all cookies
  • And click Clear browsing Data to clear all cookies.
  • Now Close And Reopen Chrome Browser.
  • Then open the web page that worked for you it’s great if still getting the same error follow the next solution.

clear cookies on chrome browser

Restart DNS client service

  • Press Windows Key + R then type “services.msc” and hit enter to open the Services window.
  • Now Scroll down till you find “DNS Client” (you can Press D to easily find it).
  • Right-click on DNS client and select restart,
  • Also make sure its startup type is set to automatic

DNS client service


Switch to Google DNS 

If after restarting the DNS client still getting the same problem Then change the DNS Address.

  • Press Windows + R, type ncpa.cpl and ok to open the Network connections window.
  • Now Select and right-click on your active Network Connection and then click Properties.
  • Next, select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP)” and click Properties.
  • Here select the Radio button “Use the following DNS server addresses.
  • And Type the following address in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server:

Configure DNS address manually


  • Checkmark on “Validate settings upon exit” then click OK and click Close.
  • Now Restart windows and check This must have Fix This site can’t be reached error in Gooogle Chrome.

Try resetting TCP/IP Setting

Here another effective solution help to fix most of the network and internet connection problems on Windows 10.

  • Open the command prompt as administrator,
  • Then execute the following commands one by one.

(a) ipconfig /release
(b) ipconfig /all
(c) ipconfig /flushdns
(d) ipconfig /renew
(e) netsh int ip set dns
(f) netsh winsock reset

  • After performing all commands simply Reboot your windows to apply changes.
  • Check this help to fix the problem.

Disable Experimental QUIC Protocol

If after performing above still get the same Error we have to look over the Chrome browser for errors. QUIC is the protocol named as Quick UDP Internet Connection which is designed to provide security protection equal to TLS\SSL with reduced connection and transport latency. Sometimes disabling of this security protocol may also allow you to open your required webpage without any error.

  1. Go to Google Chrome browser and type “chrome://flags” in the address bar.
  2. Now scroll below until you find a drop-down option with name “Experimental QUIC Protocol“.
  3. Select the option of “Disable “which is set to Default before.
  4. After setting it, close your browser. And open it again,
  5. Now visit the webpage which was giving you an error. Hopefully, it will be gone and you will be redirected to your required webpage easily.

Reset Google Chrome settings

If after Disable Experimental QUIC Protocol Still Getting the same problem Then Reset Google Chrome Settings to its Default setup will help to fix any Chrome browser Errors. To Reset Google Chrome browser Settings Open Google Chrome then type “chrome://flags/” (without quotes) in the address bar and hit enter.

In the next window proceed with caution and click on “Reset all to default.

After that Close and reopen Chrome browser to apply changes. Then after launch Google Chrome and browse the webpage hope This must have fix This site can’t be reached error if not continue to the last method.

Reinstall Google Chrome Browser

Go to Control Panel and click “Uninstall a program

Here uninstall Google Chrome on your PC.

Next clear Chrome Cache Data from C:\Users\%your_name%\AppData\Local\Google\ and delete everything inside this folder.

After that Download the latest version of Google Chrome Browser and install it. That’s all Now Reboot your computer, again open Chrome web browser and try to open the web page again. Hope This time you will get success and a smile on your face :).

Did these solutions hep to fix this site can’t be reached error in google chrome? Let us know on the comments below, Also read:

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