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Fix system_service_exception blue screen error [Quickly]

Here in this article discuss one such BSOD error called system service exception error On windows 11. Try to find out possible variations of the error and way to fix this.

Getting SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error after Windows 11 update? Like most other blue screen errors on Windows 11, many causes lead to System Service Exception error. However, the most common causes of Windows 11 blue screen errors include this one are corrupted or outdated Windows drivers, incompatible software, corrupted Windows system files or even virus & malware infection.

System Service Exception Windows 11

There are numerous ways to fix this Windows 11 blue screen error system service exception. Let’s start with a system restart. This will help fix the blue screen error if a temporary glitch causes this problem.

Sometimes Bad VPN software can ruin your whole system files and might end up with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error. so try removing bad software and remove recently installed hardware devices as well.

If due to this blue screen error system crashes frequently, we recommend start your PC in safe mode and apply the solutions listed below.

Install windows update

Microsoft regularly releases Windows updates with fixes and improvements that help fix previous errors reported by users. And that’s why we recommend to install the latest Windows update which may have a bug fix for this Windows 11 blue screen error.

  • Press Windows key + I to open the Settings app and click on Windows Update.
  • Then select Check for updates, If new updates are available click download and install now.
  • Let Windows updates download and install from the Microsoft server and you need to restart your PC to apply the changes.


Update display driver

Device drivers play an essential role to make the hardware components of your system work smoothly and efficiently. That means if device drivers especially the display driver are updated your system run smoothly, so you must keep the drivers updated to prevent blue screen error on Windows 11.

  • Press Windows key + X and select Device Manager to display all installed device driver list,
  • expand one after each and check if there is a yellow exclamation mark next to the installed driver,
  • If found any right-click on it and try update the driver, or uninstall the same.

Similar way expand the display adapter section, right-click on the installed graphics driver and select update driver,


Choose the option Search automatically for updated driver software and follow the on-screen instructions to let Windows automate the update process for you.

In addition, visit your device manufacturer’s website (if you are a laptop user then visit HP, Dell, ASUS, or Lenovo for Desktop users visit the motherboard manufacturer’s website) Download and install the latest driver on your system.

Once done, reboot your device and check if the problem has been resolved.

Check Disk Drive Errors

Problems with disk drive or disk errors also cause blue screen errors on Windows 11. Run Windows check disk from the command prompt that verifies the file system and, with certain settings, fixes issues as it runs.

Press Windows key + S type cmd, right-click on the command prompt and select run as administrator,

Type the command chkdsk C: /f /r and press the enter key.


The command explained: CHKDSK is short of Check Disk, C: is the drive letter you want to check, /F means fix disk errors and /R stands for recover information from bad sectors.

Press Y when the chkdsk prompt to schedule the scan on the next boot and restart your PC.

This will check the disk drive for errors, and bad sectors if found the utility will try to fix and recover them.

Wait until 100% complete the scanning and repairing process after that windows automatically restarts and start normally for you.

Run SFC utility

System File Check (SFC) is another Windows system tool that checks for missing and corrupt Windows system files. There are chances that Windows system files are corrupted or missing during the Windows 11 upgrade process and result different blue screen errors. In this case, Run the DISM command with SFC utility to repair the system image and restore corrupted, missing system files.

  • Again open the command prompt as administrator and first run DISM restore health command dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
  • Wait for the command to scan and prepare the system image, it may take 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Next, run the system file checker command sfc /scannow, This command scans for missing or corrupted system files. If found any the SFC utility automatically restores them with the correct one.
  • Now reboot your computer and check if the blue screen error is gone.

Disable Fast startup

Few users report Disabling the Fast startup feature helps them to fix blue screen errors on Windows 11. Let’s try this:

  • Press Windows key + R, type powercfg.cpl and press enter key to open the power configuration window,
  • On the left side of the window click on Choose what the power button does then click on Change settings that are currently unavailable,
  • And finally, uncheck the Turn on fast startup (recommended) checkbox to disable Hybrid Shutdown.
  • Click save the settings and reboot your PC. Check if the issue is solved or not.


If the problem started recently and you think that it is caused by a program that you might have installed in the last few days or weeks then it’s time to utilize the System Restore option.

Did the above solutions help fix the Windows 11 SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error? Let us know in the comments below.

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