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Stop Windows 10 Update from Installing Updates Automatically

With Windows 10 Microsoft Set To Download and Install Windows Automatically, to ensure the proper functioning of a system and maintaining its security. But For some reason if you are Looking To turn off Windows 10 updates or disable automatic update installation on Windows 10? Here Step by Step Guide To Stop Windows 10 Updates from Downloading or installing updates automatically.

About Windows Update

Microsoft Regularly drops Windows Updates with New Features, Security improvements and Bug Fixes to patch the hole created by third-party Applications. And with Windows 10 Microsoft made it mandatory to download and install Windows Updates automatically to ensure your device stays up to date with the latest security patches and improvements.

Stop Windows 10 Update Auto Installation

While The Automatic Windows 10 Update installation is normal for most of windows users some find it extremely irritating as it restricts them from performing other activities very conveniently which they want to. If you are also one of those Windows users who want to stop Windows 10 update from installing updates automatically then Here are some different ways To stop Windows 10 Update installation automatically.

If you’re running Windows 10 Pro or higher, it’s possible to retake control and prevent the OS from downloading and installing updates automatically using the Local Group Policy Editor or the Registry. And For Windows 10 Home Basic Users a special Tweak Simply Stop the Windows update service and change the Startup Type to Disable. Let’s Perform How to stop Windows 10 Auto Update Installation.

Stop Windows Update using Group Policy

Note: The group policy Feature only available on windows pro and higher editions. If you are Windows 10 Home Basic user skip this Step. 

To disable Windows 10 update using the Local Group Policy Editor First open Local Group Policy Editor by pressing Win + R, Type gpedit.msc and hit the enter key. Here on the Local Group Policy Editor window, navigate to the following folder:

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update

Configure Automatic Updates

Now on the right side, double-click on the Configure Automatic Updates policy from the Settings list. Then on the left side, check the Enabled option to enable the policy. Then under options select option 2 – “Notify for download and auto install” to stop the automatic installation of updates. Click Apply and OK To make Save changes.

Enabling and applying Notify for Download and notify for Install policy will now inform you if a new update is available on your PC and will ask you if you wish to download the update or not.

Notify for download and notify for install

Also  If you select option 4, you can specify exactly when to install new updates. You can also choose to install updates during automatic maintenance, on a particular day and time, and you can even check the option to include other Microsoft product updates when updating the OS.

with this the policy will prevent the automatic installation of Windows updates and you’ll receive a notification every time when ever a new update is available. If you ever wish to change it back to default, just select the option 3 – “Auto download and notify for install”.

Tweak Registry To Stop Windows 10 Update Installation

Instead of using the Local Group Policy Editor, you can Also Tweak Windows Registry Editor to prevent Windows 10 Automatic Update installation.

Note: This method we are going to tweak the Windows registry editor. Before make any modifications we recommend to take a backup of the current registry editor.

Now open Windows Registry Editor by press Win + R, Type regedit and hit the enter key. Then On left side pane navigate to the following key.


Then Right click on Windows select New -> key and name it to Windowsupdate.  Again right-click on Windows update New -> key and name it AU.

Create new key on Registry Editor

Click on the Au key than on the right-side panel, right-click anywhere,  select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value option and Rename this key as AUOptions and hit Enter. Now, double-click on the AUOptions key and then change its Value data as per your choice. You can find out what these values mean:

  • 2 – Notify for download and for install
  • 3 – Auto Download and notify for install
  • 4 – Auto Download and schedule the install
  • 5 – Allow local admin to choose setting

For Ex If you want to stop Windows 10 from automatically updating your PC then set the Value data as 2.

stop windows 10 update using Registry Editor

That’s all Now click OK and close Registry Editor. Then restart Windows To take Effect the Changes.

Stop Windows Update Service

Also For Windows 10 Home Basic Users To Stop Windows auto update installation simply open Windows Services by press Win + R, Type services.msc and hit enter key. Then Scroll down and look for Windows update service, Double click on it when you found.

A  properties window pop-up window will open Here, in the drop-down menu of “Startup type”, select “Disabled”. Click on Stop to Disable the Service next to Service status. That’s All Restart Windows now on wards the update service is not started and Windows never check for latest Windows updates.

disable windows update service

Note: Any time you can Start the update service and change startup Type Automatic To Check and install Windows updates.

Metered Connection

Also if you are using WiFi connection then you can Set the Metered connection to limit the bandwidth usage and restrict Windows to download updates. You can configure a metered connection from Settings -> Network & Internet -> WiFi -> click on the name of the network you’re connected to. Then under “Metered connection”, you’ll find a toggle called “Set as metered connection”Turn this on and you’re done.

Above Are some Best working methods to control Windows 10 Updates. I hope after Read this post you can Easily Stop Windows 10 Update Automatic Download and Installation. We recommend to always install the latest updates on your Windows to make your computer secure and error free. Also Read Repair Windows 10 Using DISM and SFC Utility.

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