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How to Fix High CPU Usage By Runtime Broker in Windows 10

Runtime Broker (RuntimeBroker.exe) is an executable file located in the System32 folder on a Windows computer. The main task of Runtime Broker is to check if the applications that you are using on your PC  have all the required permissions to run on your system. It monitors the access to Windows APIs and ensures that apps do not violate the core security of Windows. But sometimes users report Runtime Broker High CPU Usage, especially after recent Windows update system freezes and Runtime Broker process causes almost 100% CPU usage. If you also have similar problems, here is how to Fix High CPU Usage By Runtime Broker in Windows 10, 11.

Runtime Broker High CPU Usage

Sometimes, Windows 10’s own built-in apps themselves can cause high CPU usage, We recommend first check and installing the latest Windows updates.

  • Press Windows + I to open the settings app,
  • Click on Update & security then Windows Update,
  • Now hit the check for updates button, to download the latest available updates.

Also, its recommended to open a Microsoft store app and check if an update is available for the installed apps.

Disable Show Me Tips About Windows

According to many users’ disable the “Show me tips about Windows” option in Settings helps to fix this problem and prevent RuntimeBroker.exe from using too many resources on your PC

  • Click on the Windows 10 Start menu and click on Settings
  • Click on System then select “Notifications and actions” in the left sidebar.
  • Here disable the option for getting tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows by moving the toggle to OFF position
  • And finally, restart your computer

Many users have reported a significant reduction in Runtime Broker activity after making this single change on their Windows 10 computer.

Disable Updates From More Than One Place

Normally Microsoft wants to make use of other PC’s on your network and also other PC’s on the internet to deliver quicker updates to your computer. Disabling this option has helped many users to reduce the activity of Runtime Broker on their computers.

  • Open Windows settings using Windows + I keyboard shortcut,
  • Now on the Settings screen, click on Update & Security.
  • Click on Advanced Options Bellow update settings as shown below image.
  • Click on Choose how updates are delivered link.
  • And disable or Turn OFF the option to receive updates from more than one place.
  • Now Check Windows Reduced High CPU usage and memory usage came to the normal state.

Disable Background Apps

Also disabling the Background Running apps will save unnecessary System resource usage.

  • Open Settings app then, click on Privacy.
  • Here On the Privacy Settings screen, click on Background Apps
  • Then Turn OFF the apps that you do not want running in the background on your computer.

Disable programs in the background

Disable RuntimeBroker.exe via Registry Editor

Still, Runtime Broker causing High CPU Usage? here is the registry tweak to completely disable Runtime Broker on Windows 10.

Note: Disable the Runtimeborker didn’t affect your Windows 10 computer. The Runtime Broker isn’t a necessary process.

  • Press Windows + R, type Regedit and ok to open Windows registry editor,
  • Backup registry database and navigate to the following registry on your computer:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TimeBrokerSvc “Start”=dword:00000003

  • Here double click on the registry which is known as “Start” and change its value data from 3 to value data 4.

Disable RuntimeBroker

Note: Value data 4 means that you want to disabled while value data 3 means that it is manual. If you have entered the value data 2 it means that it is automatic. As we want to disable RuntimeBroker.exe so we have to set it to 4 here.

Once you have disabled the runtime broker process from the Windows registry editor, Restart your Windows computer. Now on the next start, you won’t get high CPU usage issues in Windows 10 PC.

Did these solutions help to Fix High CPU Usage By Runtime Broker in Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below, also read:

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