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How to Reset and Refresh Windows 10 (make it like new again)

You can reset Windows 10 to its default settings with a built-in reset function on your device settings from the Recovery section.

Actually, System reset or refresh is a recommended solution to fix any kind of Windows problem. A simple Windows 10 reset or refresh can solve thousands of issues. But don’t do it at first. Because there may be another solution for you. If you fail to fix the Windows problem, Then you can apply this method.

A system refresh just restores your system to its default state. But the Reset this PC option do more. It cleans your files and personal data. Then re-install Windows. It is more secure than Windows refresh.

How to Reset or Refresh Windows PC Effectively

Windows 11 and Windows 10 have the reset and refresh feature. So, These tricks only work with these modern Windows operating systems. To do Windows Reset / Refresh follow the instructions below –

  • Open settings using the Windows key + I
  • Now navigate to Update & Security > Recovery.
  • Under Reset this PC section, click on Get Started.


  • Now you will see two options.
  • If you want to just refresh your PC, You have to click on Keep my files. If you want to reset your full system, Click on Remove Everything.


  • Then follow the instructions. When you choose Remove Everything, You may be asked for which drive you want to clean. If you wish to remove everything from your PC, Choose All Drives. If you wish to keep files in other drive and just want to clean your system drive (Normally Local Disk C), Choose Only the drive where Windows is installed.
  • The next step is to decide whether to install Windows via the cloud or locally (from your device).
  • Click Next if Windows warns you that you won’t be able to roll back to a prior version of the OS.


  • Click Reset when prompted. Windows will then restart and take several minutes to reset itself.
  • System Refresh may takes 30 minutes (Maximum) to be completed. But system reset may take a few hours. Normally, It completes resetting within 1 hour.

If you are using Windows 8.1 or 8, Follow the instructions below to reset windows.

  • Swipe your mouse cursor to the right edge. Tap on Settings.
  • Click on Change PC settings.
  • Go to Update & Recovery > Recovery.
  • Now you will find your expected options.

Reset or Refresh Windows in Alternative Way:

It is also easier method to reset windows. Just follow the instructions.

  • Open Start Menu.
  • Click on power.
  • Press and hold Shift from the keyboard and click on Restart.
  • Wait for a few seconds. You will see some advanced options.
  • Click on Troubleshoot.
  • Now click on Advanced options.
  • You will get option for system reset. Now follow the instructions as before.

How to Reset, If You can’t login into your PC?

Some people can’t login into their Windows 10 or 8. Then they may decide to re-install Windows. But they can try a simple system reset or repair. Just see the instructions.

  • You just need a Windows installation media. Insert it into your PC.
  • When Windows installation options will be promoted before you, Just choose the repair option.
  • Then choose Troubleshot and follow the instructions as before.

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