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Password Safe Password manager (Free) download

Collect, organize, and generate logins and passwords in a secure password manager

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

By Rony Shapiro (Free). official link download

Download Password Safe 3.65 for – Windows

Forgetting a password can cause a lot of trouble. The more websites you use, the more credentials you have to keep up with. Using one combination for all services is definitely not an option because if a password gets compromised, so does all your data, including a credit card. However, remembering dozens of passwords doesn’t seem realistic either.

However, you don’t have to rely on your own memory all the time. An easier way out is to install Password Safe, a secure password manager that will collect all your login credentials automatically and save them to a single database.

How Can Password Safe Boost Your PC?

This software is an all-in-one password manager tool that combines the features of a password generator, collector, and storage. Firstly, the tool needs to be connected to your browsers. It supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and other popular programs.

After you’ve given the necessary permission, this tool will automatically collect all your login credentials in a single database and store these data in alphabetical order or based on their date of creation.

After the database is assembled, you can organize, edit, import, and export it. Passwords and logins can be grouped in folders, edited directly in the application, or deleted from the list. Whenever you create a new online account, log-in credentials are going to be saved to the database automatically.

On top of that, this software includes a built-in password generator. You just have to specify the password characteristics, according to the website requirements (the number of minimally required/maximally allowed symbols, Caps Lock sensitivity, the use of upper and lower case, the permission to use special symbols, and others).

The databases can be divided or merged. You can store the passwords in different databases, based on website specialization (a folder for financial services, another one – for social media or work-related platforms).

Password Safe Key Features:

  • Automatically collect your passwords from the browser data;
  • Store all your login information in a database (logins, passwords, the name of the website, the dates of registration and last access)
  • Organize and retrieve passwords and logins in a single click;
  • Group passwords in different databases or merge several lists into one;
  • Filter your data with customizable references (category, website name, location).


Password Safe is a multifunctional password manager that allows collecting, editing, organizing, and removing passwords in an intuitive database. All the passwords are displayed in a single group. Just open the folder with a database, and you’ll see the list of your logins, passwords, and related information (the name of a website, the date of registration, the date of the last access, and so on). Even if you’ve never used a password manager before, you will have no trouble navigating through this one.

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