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What is Operating systems? Explained

An operating system is nothing more than the main software or set of programs of a computer system that manages hardware resources. It provides services to software application programs, executing in a privileged mode with respect to the rest. It’s easy to say, but the reality is that all the companies that have managed to create an acceptable operating system have achieved glory in their market. In general, we could extrapolate the OS of a computer to what consciousness and thought would be like in a human being. Without these features, there is no animated state, and so it is with machines that have no instructions to function. Like the robots that do not have an OS, they are nothing more than assembled parts that we can use as toys.

There are many operating systems that never came to light due to the simple existence of the titans that today tyrannically govern all our devices and that even have more lite versions for more specialized purposes such as the system of a Smart TV or your refrigerator. intelligent, We are talking about Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iOS and Android. Of iOS and Android as completely independent systems, it could be said that they are subproducts of the kernel or kernel (core of the OS that communicates directly with the hardware ) of MAC OS and Linux respectively. Of course, with its own customizations and specializations, like a body with the same heart as another but really another body.

We can find other operating systems that are not so sophisticated for less complex uses that do not require compatibility with different hardware other than what is already established. These are those that we referred to earlier in the case of a Smart TV or a smart refrigerator. They are known as embedded operating systems to a greater or lesser level. Some use a lite version of one of the big ones like Android or Linux. This is the case for many Google devices or even for the operation of components that belong to machines as complex as satellites.

Windows os

windows operating system

The giant that controls the operation of approximately 76.56% of all existing PCs in the world whether they are portable or not. We all know this operating system and the fame it achieved for being the first to be launched worldwide in the 80s and that forever changed the perception that past generations had about what a computer was. At such a level was this reaction that practically defined this techno-dependent generation of our days.

Microsoft is the company that owns and creates this great operating system that has turned digital reality into a simple interface with a simple concept of multiple windows or Windows OS.


mac operating system

For many the enemy of the poor and the free-minded, this is the system for computers produced by the most enigmatic and exclusive technology company, Apple. Different but similar to its competition. MAC continues to hold a not insignificant part of the pie with 17.1% of the computer market, which is mainly aimed at the professional sector, although many professionals have never had one (^^’).



The penguin that we all know as a cute and harmless animal is used as the main symbol for this robust operating system. Linux is a well-known free system in the professional sector with 1.93% of the desktop and laptop PC market.

This system is specialized for advanced users and with advanced users, I am talking about programmers or famous hackers without mentioning the poor souls who have no choice but to use it because it is free. However, it is one of the giants in the international market and has unlimited potential and adaptability.

Linux maintains a monopoly on servers and allows a level of freedom, almost debauchery, that we cannot find in any other OS.



This is the system used by Apple-branded smartphones and tablets. As I mentioned earlier, iOS maintains a certain resemblance to its older brother MAC OS, but it does have its strengths.

It could be considered as an alternative for demanding users with many resources. It has been maintained with a high level of stability, efficiency and security throughout its useful life so far. Also note that in terms of innovation, the iOS interface kept the lead for a long time until recently when Google decided to take its little android seriously and multiple customizations arose in conjunction with companies such as Samsung and Huawei, the latter with a suspicious resemblance to iOS. Its direct competition is Android which we will talk about next.


Android OS

Android is one of the most used operating systems in the world on smartphones. Its real advantage lies in its ease of adaptation to different devices and its continued support from Google and the enthusiastic community of developers.

Within all currently existing Android OS they maintain a well-known hegemony and have the advantage of being a system based on the Linux kernel with free libraries that are constantly being improved.

It could be said that it is the only OS in the world that takes advantage of all the facilities for innovation and development that currently exist , so its growth in complexity could have no limits.

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