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Microsoft PC Manager to optimize Windows 11 and windows 10

The official tool can be download from Microsoft store, help remove temporary files, shows which processes consume the most RAM, and lets you configure apps that start with your system.

After a long test, Microsoft PC Manager (windows optimizer tool like Ccleaner) is available on the Microsoft Store. This utility was developed by Microsoft and helps optimize the Windows system by remove temporary files, and checking processes in use, among other actions that favor the performance of the system. Microsoft PC Manager was first introduced in October 2022 until January 2024 it received a number of updates but remained in beta, only available in some countries. And now finally beginning of February 2024 the Microsoft PC Manager arrived at the Microsoft Store available for everyone.

Download Microsoft PC Manager

This utility is designed to optimize and secure your PC experience. Compatible with Windows 10 (from version 1809 onwards) and Windows 11, it offers seamless performance enhancement by efficiently cleaning up system clutter and managing storage space with a single click. Additionally, it integrates fully with Windows Security, providing real-time threat detection and removal to ensure the ongoing safety of your device.

Microsoft PC Manager is your go-to solution for maintaining a clean, fast, and secure PC environment.

  • To download the utility, Open Microsoft Store and search for Microsoft PC Manager,
  • Alternatively, you can visit this official link to directly open the Microsoft store page to download and install the utility.

Microsoft PC manager

What does Microsoft PC Manager offer?

Microsoft PC Manager offers a range of features focuses on optimizing the performance and maintenance of Windows systems. When you open the utility see option to boot Windows performance with one click. When you click on Boost it quickly cleans temporary files and free up memory usage.

Microsoft PC Manager home screen

PC Boost feature is designed to optimize system performance by cleaning up temporary files and freeing up RAM.By removing unnecessary files and processes from memory, PC Manager aims to improve overall system responsiveness and performance.

The Health Check option scans the computer for various types of unnecessary files and system issues that may impact performance or security. It typically includes scanning for temporary files, browser cache, system logs, and other types of clutter that accumulate over time. Additionally, it may identify applications that automatically start with the system, which can affect boot times and overall system responsiveness.

Health Check option

Process Management tool provides users with visibility into the active processes running on their system. It displays information such as the name of each process, the amount of RAM it consumes, and other relevant details. You can use this information to identify resource-intensive processes and optionally terminate them to free up system resources.

Process Management tool

The deep Cleanup feature performs a more thorough scan of the system to identify and remove files that may be taking up unnecessary space. It may target a wider range of file types and locations compared to the standard health check, helping users reclaim disk space more effectively.

deep Cleanup

The startup option on PC Manager allows users to manage which applications launch automatically when the computer boots up. Here you can enable or disable specific startup applications, helping to streamline the boot process and reduce system startup time.

startup option on PC Manager

In addition, the Toolbox section provides convenient shortcuts to various utility tools and applications. This may include features such as screenshot capture, audio recording, calculator, and Notepad, offering users quick access to commonly used tools. Additionally, users can customize the Toolbox by adding their own shortcuts or links to frequently accessed applications or websites.

PC Manager Toolbox section

Microsoft PC Manager also includes additional functions such as Windows antivirus scans, checking for updates through Windows Update, and blocking pop-up windows in applications. These features contribute to overall system maintenance and security, helping users keep their systems up-to-date and protected against threats.

Overall, Microsoft PC Manager aims to provide users with a comprehensive set of tools for optimizing and maintaining their Windows-based PCs, covering areas such as system cleanup, performance enhancement, and convenience utilities, while omitting more advanced and potentially risky functions like Windows Registry editing.

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