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Solved: Keyboard Input not Working on Windows 10

Windows users Report After installing Recent Windows 10 November 2121 update version 21H2, they Are unable to type anything, Keyboard input not working even keyboard light is on. Laptop users also have the same issue unable to type anything, keyboard or mouse not working for them. This issue mostly occurs due to the corrupted Device driver, may the installed driver is not compatible with the current windows 10 version.

Fix Keyboard Input not working

There are two scenarios for this Keyboard input not working issue. The first keyboard light is on but unable to type anything keyboard totally does not respond to any command. This is mostly a software problem or system file corruption issue. And the second scenario keyboard worked smoothly but was Unable to type anything, keyboard input not working on the start menu /Cortana search or edge browser web bar it didn’t display any input letters. This is cause we need to fix Windows App Related problems. Let’s Apply Bellow Solution As per your problem To get fixed keyboard & mouse not working issue on Windows 10.

Cause 01: Keyboard not working / Not responding

First Apply Bellow solutions To fix Driver-related problems, Check compatibility issues, repair Corrupted System files, etc. Start with basic Troubleshooting For Desktop computers make sure the keyboard USB / PS2 pin is attached properly, Try to attach the pin to the Different USB ports. Also Make Sure windows have latest updates installed from Settings -> update & security -> windows update -> check for updates. Then after Restart windows and checking problem gets resolved, If not apply the below solutions.

Update / Roll Back Device Driver

If the problem Started after installing recent updates or recent windows upgrade then may the Keyboard / Mouse Driver get corrupted, Installed driver is older or not compatible with the current windows version. That cause you need to update the device driver or use the Rollback driver option to revert back to the previous driver version.

Roll Back Driver

If the problem started for you after a windows upgrade or recent driver update for the device. Then you can perform the Rollback Driver option to revert the current driver to the previous driver version. To perform Roll Back Driver open Device manager by pressing win + R, Type devmgmt.msc, and hit the enter key. Then Expand keyboards, Double click on the installed keyboard device driver, and move to the Driver tab. Here you will found Rollback Driver option, click on it and when windows ask for confirmation click yes and select the reason why you are performing rollback option. After that Restart windows and check the next reboot keyboard and mouse working properly.

Update Driver

Also, an Outdated and corrupted device driver cause The keyboard and mouse not to work. To deal with issues like this we need to update or reinstall the keyboard driver. To do this Open Device manager expend keyboard then right-click on installed Keyboard driver and select update driver. Then Fallow On-Screen Instruction to install the latest available updated driver. Or you Can Visit the Device manufacturer website and download and install the latest driver for the keyboard. Then after Restart windows and check the problem is solved.

update keyboard driver

Run System File Checker

Also While Windows 10 upgrade Process if system files get corrupted or missing cause also you may face different problems, or Devices not working. We recommend running the Windows SFC utility which scan and repair missing corrupted system files. If System File checker Results found some corrupted system files but were unable to repair them. Then you need to Run the DISM Tool which repairs the system image and allows the SFC utility to do its job. After that Restart windows and check problems get resolved.

Perform Clean Boot

Third-party services in windows have a bad reputation for creating conflicts. many third-party Applications or Services cause this issue. We Recommend Performing Clean Boot windows, Which disable third-party services and make a clean environment where only official Microsoft services will be active. Check after Clean boot if the keyboard & mouse working properly then you need to find out which application Causing the issue.

Cause 2: Keyboard input not Working on Start menu search, Cortana, or Edge

On The Second scenario if the keyboard input not working while typing something on the Start menu search, Cortana, or Edge browser bar then this may cause the App not working, System not responding, etc. To Deal with Issues like First, We need to optimize System performance. And fix or repair the Windows 10 Start menu, Cortana App, or edge browser.

Optimize System Performance

First check system working properly, there is no 100% CPU usage or High Disk Usage, Memory Leak issue this thing make system unresponsive and didn’t allow to perform any task include type anything. Also, Check system is not infected with viruses/malware by running a full system scan. Or you can Run a Third-party System optimizer like Ccleaner to clean junk, system error files, clear browser cache, cookies and repair Windows registry errors while helping fix many system errors and fast system performance.

Run Start Menu Troubleshooter

If the keyboard type problem only exists in the start menu and Cortana, You should run a troubleshooter. It may resolve your problem. Download the start menu troubleshooter from the following link:  Run the Troubleshooter which automatically checks for the start menu or Cortana app-related problems and fixes them for yours.

Fix Windows Apps

If the problem is only on apps, Such As on the start menu you are unable to type anything, keyboard input not working or on edge browser, Web bar doesn’t allow to type anything then we need to deal with the specific app. Such as we need to repair or Re-register the Start menu or Reset the Edge Web browser.  After That Restart windows to make A Fresh Start and check hope this time keyboard & mouse working Smoothly for you.

These Are some Most applicable solutions to fix Keyboard Input not Working or the keyboard mouse not working on Windows 10. I hope After applying these solutions your problem will get resolved and keyboard & mouse Start working properly. FAce any difficulty While applying these solutions feel free to discuss them in the comments below.

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