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Download KeePass (2.56) FREE Password manager

Protect your passwords with AES and Twofish encryption, used by NSA

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

By KeePass (Free). official link download

Download KeePass 2.56 for Windows Installer

Download KeePass 2.56 for Windows Portable 

KeePass is a free password manager, developed by an Open Source community. All logins and passwords are stored in one database and protected by encryption, as well as by a password. You need to remember a single combination in order to access all your login data.

The passwords are encrypted via two popular methods – AES and Twofish. These ciphers are used by US Federal Structures and even the National Security Agency. The passwords are protected with the same algorithm as top secret American documents.

How Can KeePass Boost Your PC?

KeePass is not only a password encrypting tool. It protects all login information, including logins, emails, connected phone numbers, and answers to secret questions. This is especially convenient for securing two-step authentication process, used mostly by financial and healthcare platforms.

The most popular methods, used by hackers, include a dictionary and guessing attacks. If a hacker tried entering various similar combinations, the software will detect this suspicious activity and notify you immediately. You can change the password straight in the program – and your account will be updated as well.

The password manager itself can be protected via two methods – a password or a key file. With passwords, the system is pretty clear. You come up with a secure combination, remember it, and then enter it every time you need to access the program. Key files can substitute the password authentication or help a user out in case the password was forgotten.

To make the system extra secure, you can combine these two methods and enter password along with loading a key file. This way, the third party will be absolutely incapable of accessing the password database.

On top of that, the software is lightweight since it doesn’t store any data on your computer. The tool doesn’t make initialization files or new directories. If you decide to delete the software, all your data will disappear as well. Also, the software can be ported to various OSs, including Android, IOS, and others.

KeePass Key Features Include:

  • Stores your password in a single cross-platform tool;
  • Protects your login database with a password or a key file;
  • Exports passwords to TXT, XML, HTML, CSV;
  • Import files to the tool from CSV, TXT, and XML files;
  • Create password groups and folders;
  • Available on Windows – ports also allow accessing Android and iOS.

Changes from 2.55 to 2.56:

New Features:

  • Added search box in the options dialog (keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F).
  • When pressing the Enter key in the group tree of the main window, the entries of the group are displayed now (this can be useful for instance when the entry list is displaying search results).
  • Added ‘More’ button on the ‘History‘ tab page of the entry dialog, which shows a menu that provides the following two new commands: ‘Select All Historic Entries’ and ‘Delete All Historic Entries’; the menu is also shown as context menu of the history entries list.
  • Added Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut for the ‘Select All Historic Entries’ command in the entry dialog (the history entries list must have the input focus).
  • Added workaround for Mono window size bug.
  • Added accessibility help page.


  • In the main window, the entry list is now updated when right-clicking onto a group in the group tree.
  • Expanding/collapsing a group in the group tree of the main window does not select it anymore.
  • The option ‘Remember password hiding setting in the main window’ is now turned off by default.
  • In the auto-type entry selection dialog, comments ({C:...} placeholders) are now removed from the values in the ‘Sequence’ column if the ‘Sequence – Comments’ column is displayed.
  • The view is now restored after syntax highlighting in the sequence box of the auto-type association dialog.
  • Reduced flickering in the sequence box of the auto-type association dialog.
  • Improved performance of Spr compilations of certain texts.
  • Minor process memory protection improvement for the password generator.
  • Minor process memory protection improvements for some report dialogs.
  • Improved thread safety of message box management.
  • Improved UUID object implementation.
  • Collection equality testing improvements (for plugins).
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.


  • In the main window, the entry list is now updated correctly when performing overlapping keypresses into the group tree.
  • When cancelling a group drag&drop operation, the group selection is now restored correctly.
  • Fixed background of CHM help pages.


KeePass is a multifunctional intuitive password manager that uses governmental encryption to protect users’ passwords, logins, emails, and phone numbers, used as login credentials. The passwords can be imported directly from built-in password managers from browsers as well as from TXT, CSV, and XML files. The tool is originally available for Windows but you can download an additional port for using the tool on iOS or Android.

KeePass is available as a portable tool. A portable edition doesn’t require installation and can be used straight from a flash drive. If you work a lot on shared devices, you will find this feature quite convenient.

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