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Why I use a VPN: 10 + 1 good reasons to use a VPN in 2023 explained

For those still not convinced that relying on a VPN is a wise choice, here is a list of 10 + 1 good reasons to do so. Those who have already made this decision have not gone back, aware of the benefits that derive from it, not only in terms of anonymous browsing and obfuscation of online activities

VPN stands for “virtual private network” gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection.

What do people use a VPN for most?

The security benefits of a VPN are apparent. People use VPNs mostly for:

  • Privacy protection.
  • Safeguarding IP information.
  • Securing their data
  • Making their browsing habits private

Apart from security, A good VPN has numerous other benefits that are making this service worth using. Here are some of the top reasons people turn to VPNs in their home or business lives.

VPN: good reasons to use one

Let’s take a cue from the list provided in a post shared by the official NordVPN blog. We remind you that Virtual Private Network service providers usually offer a complete package of tools, which goes far beyond the simple routing of data traffic to servers distributed around the world. In doing so, they provide a suite that is useful for protecting data and privacy at 360 degrees.

  • Avoid bandwidth throttling or bypass the filters imposed by the provider of the connection to limit the available bandwidth;
  • access the home network from elsewhere in a secure way and being able to count on the protection of advanced cryptography;
  • Take advantage of offers available only abroad by simply connecting to a server located in another country;

Did you know that compianies chanrge different grades based on yoru location? Booking websites for hotels, flight tickets, even online shopping and services offer different prices based on your location. A vpn hides this information, which lets you get the best deals every time.

  • browse securely through public WiFi networks accessible in places such as airports, bars, restaurants and hotels;

Public wifis are unsecure for so many reasons, hijacking yor connection and accessing your data over a public wifi can be a basic level challenge for hackers.
But using a VPN hides your data using military grade encryption which even the best hackers cant crack.

  • protect mobile devices with systems that are now so advanced that they are as effective as those available on computers;
  • protect data integrity with advanced tools such as blocking tracking or malware included with some VPNs;
  • access the company’s network from elsewhere  as previously written for the home network;
  • transmit files securely through any channel, even peer-to-peer circuits, without restrictions or monitoring;
  • play all streaming content including those accessible only from countries other than your own;

Streaming services often dont offer the same shows and movies in every region. And sometimes your favorite content just isnt availble. Using a VPN allow you to unblock GEO restricted libraries and view that content from anywhere.

  • protect your privacy by guaranteeing complete anonymity to the activity carried out online;
  • improve the gaming experience by securing against threats such as DDoS attacks implemented by rivals.

Those looking for a proven and reliable service can now take advantage of a 60% discount on the NordVPN subscription, thus guaranteeing two years of total protection at a very low price.

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