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Fix Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format Error

While tried to formatting SD card or USB drive keep getting “Windows was unable to complete format? It could happen because of the wrong disk format, the Disk is write-protected, the storage device has bad sectors or the source is corrupted. If trying to format Micro SD or USB device on your PC, the operation continuously fails with Windows was Unable to Complete the Format Error here several methods to fix this problem

Format using Disk Management

Windows disk Management tool allows management partitions and disks for computers. And with help of this, you can create a new volume, extend or shrink the partition, change drive letter, delete or format a partition as well.

  • Press Windows + R, type diskmgmt.msc, and click ok
  • This will opens the windows disk management tool and display all attached storage devices include the external USB drive or SD card,
  • Right-click the flash drive (that causing the problem) and select the “Format” option
  • Next select file system format to perform quick format.

Format drive on Disk management tool

Well If the Drive Shows Unallocated Space

  • Right click on It and select New Simple Volume.
  • The New Simple Volume Wizard will start,
  • Here select format this volume with the following settings and set the file system type to NTFS,
  • Tick mark on Perform a quick format Click next and finish to complete the process.
  • You will see that your drive has been formatted and is now correctly recognized by Windows.

Create New simple volume

Format Drive Using Command Prompt

If the disk management tool fails to complete the format Then use a command prompt to format Micro SD/USB.

Open the command prompt as administrator,

Type command diskpart and press Enter key.

Next Type command list volume and press enter key.

Then you can see the partition and disk list of the current computer. All drives are listed with numbers check the USB Drive for me its Disk 4 is the flash drive.

Type Command: select volume 4 (for your volume number may be different) press enter key. This will show volume 4 is the selected volume.

Type below commands one by one and hit the enter key.


The drive will be scanned and its damaged file structure will be erased during scanning. Once the process is done, it reports a confirmation message telling that it has successfully cleaned the drive, and a new partition needs to be created.

create partition primary
-select partition 1

next type in Command prompt format /FS=NTFS (you can copy and paste it.) and press Enter. The Disk Drive will Start formatting with NTFS File System. Wait some moment to complete the format 100 %.

When the format completes (100%), close the command prompt window and go to Computer in order to check the drive. Verify your drive by copying some data in it.
By this method, you can repair your corrupted SD cards, USB flash drives, and even your External hard drives.

Again Here is The Command List To Format a USB drive:

-list disk
-select disk ‘your disk number’
-create partition primary
-select partition 1
-format fs=NTFS

Format disk using command prompt

I am sure After the Try command prompt utility to format the Drive you will no more face any error to format the Disk Drive. If still getting try Third party software to format, clean, and make usable the Disk Drive.

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is an easy-to-use yet powerful application that can easily deal with any issue that you might experience when trying to format a USB drive. This is very similar in terms of looks with the standard Windows format screen.

Download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

Simply select the USB drive, choose the desired file system (NTFS for drives that are larger than 4 GB). Click start to format the Drive.

HP USB Disk Storage format tool

Note: again, do not use the “Quick Format” option! It might take a while in the full mode, but it’s safer and more effective.

These are Some Best Solutions to Fix Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format Error. These Tips Will be workable for all USB Drives, Memory Cards, External Disk drives. Let Us know which option worked for you. If you have any better solutions feel free to share us in the comments.

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