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Fix NMI HARDWARE FAILURE Blue Screen Error on Windows 10

Getting stop code 0x00000080 NMI HARDWARE FAILURE Blue Screen Error on your Windows 10 PC? NMI (Non-Maskable Interrupt) can be generated by the user manually by pressing the NMI switch present on your computer or just because of hardware error. It stops windows from executing and display blue screen error or BSoD which state that: “Your PC ran into some problem needs to be restarted”, and includes given below error code: NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE.

What does nmi hardware failure mean?

NMI stand for Non-Maskable Interrupt, a type of hardware interrupt (or signal to the processor) that prioritizes a certain thread or process. There are two reasons for NMI. The first reason is due to Hardware Failure error. While the second reason is “watchdog timer“, that is used to find when the kernel locks itself.

In some cases, you will find NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE blue screen errors after installing new hardware or software. It can even appear during program installation, while Microsoft related software program is running, or when Windows driver is loaded, or through Windows startup or shutdown. When NMI error Generate you will get different errors such as “STOP Error 0x80: NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE” is displayed.Your system frequently crashes with Error 0x80.


Incorrectly configured, old, or corrupted device drivers., Corrupted Windows registry entries, Virus or malware infection, Driver conflict after installing any new hardware. corrupted, Damaged or removed system files after installing software or drivers, faulty Disk Drive or Memory Errors are the common reason Behind this NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE blue screen errors. After a simply Restart you didn’t get this blue screen but if you frequently getting this nmi hardware failure BSOD error Here some applicable solutions to get rid of this.

Remove External Devices

As this problem mostly occurs due to faulty hardware, or incompatibility of Hardware Device first we recommend to remove all external devices connected to your computer ( such as printer, scanner, external HDD etc ) and try to start windows normally check If there is no more nmi hardware failure BSOD error Then one of your devices causing the issue. Find out the problematic device by attach them one by one and check the same with another computer.

If due to this blue Screen error windows frequently restart and don’t allow to start windows normally we recommend booting into safe mode with networking. Which start windows with minimum system configuration and allow to perform troubleshooting steps.

Make sure windows is updated and Update All Drivers

When you start windows on safe mode with networking first make sure windows has installed the latest security patch and it’s up to date. Microsoft Regularly releases security updates with bug fixes and patch the security hole created by third-party applications. Check and install latest security updates from Settings -> Update & Security -> windows update -> check for updates. May this security update contains the bug fix to resolve nmi hardware failure BSOD error.

Again incompatible, outdated device drivers ( especially the display driver ) mostly cause different blue screen errors and may this nmi hardware failure BSOD error is one of them. To fix NMI hardware failure, first, update the drivers from Device manager. Or you can visit the device manufacturer, to download and install the latest driver software for Windows PC. After doing it, restart your PC. You should no longer encounter that blue screen of death.

Update display driver

Uninstall Recently Installed applications

Sometimes, Users may encounter NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE after installing a new application on their PC. It happens more when users install cracked, pirated applications. In this case, simply uninstall the application from programs and features ( Press Windows + R, type appwiz.cpl and hit the enter key. )

Run Clean Boot and Disable Third-party Software

For some users, This blue screen error occurs for some third-party programs like antivirus or firewalls. In this case, You can disable these your antivirus and firewall to see if it fixes the problem. Additionally, You can perform the clean boot. It will help you to understand if any third-party programs or services are causing the problem or not. Perform A full system scan with a good antivirus with latest updates installed. Run third-party system optimizer like Ccleaner to clean up junk, temp, System error, Memory dump files. And registry cleaner to fix different registry errors which may cause NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD error.

check Corrupted system files

Again sometimes corrupted, damaged system files cause different BSOD errors or Startup errors on windows 10 computer. So we recommend running System file checker Utility to make sure any corrupted missing system files not causing this NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD error.

To run SFC utility Simply Open the command prompt with admin privileges. Then type the command below and hit the enter key to execute the same.

SFC /scannow

Run system file checker

This will start scanning for missing, damaged system files on your Windows PC. If found any the utility will automatically restore them from a compressed folder located on %WinDir%\System32\dllcache. Wait until 100% complete the scanning process after that Restart windows.

If SFC scan results windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them That cause you need to run The DISM tool which repairs the system image and allows SFC to Do its job. After that Restart your Computer And let start windows normally. I am sure you didn’t get any blue screen on your PC and Windows run smoothly for you.

These are some applicable solutions to fix nmi hardware failure Blue Screen error on windows. have any query or suggestion about this post feel free to discuss on comments below. Also read from our blog Fix inaccessible boot device windows 10 Blue Screen Of Death error.

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