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Fix Memory leak Problem after windows 10 update

Microsoft Roll out windows 10 22H2 to all Compatible Devices. Windows 10 upgrade process has been a pretty smooth affair But Some users having Different issues. A number of Windows users report After Upgrade to Windows 10 System Not Responding, Freezes at startup. When checking On Task manager You notice a Huge Amount Of memory Usage by ntoskrnl.exe, Runtime Broker, or other applications. The Memory leak Problem seems to have been caused by a bug that inflates the RAM and leaks memory in the process.

Memory leak stands for RAM memory loss in Windows, caused by a program, an app, or a bug. And when a certain app is taking more memory than it normally does, the system becomes slow, even unresponsive, and users are unable to perform even the easiest tasks in Windows.

How To Fix Memory leak Problem on Windows 10

Mostly Memory Leaks, High Memory usage mostly caused by Virus Infection, Outdated Incompatible Device drivers or Applications, corrupted system files Any Windows Service Stuck on Background, etc. If you Are also Having high memory usage issues, System Not responding, Freezes at startup After Upgrade To Windows 10 update Here are some Applicable Solutions to fix 100% Memory usage, Memory leak Problems on Windows 10.

Registry Tweak To Fix Memory Leak issue

I found Tweaking the windows registry, Following Bellow, steps are the most working solution to fix memory leak issues for most windows users. Let’s First try the Best working solution, Tweak the windows registry.

First open Windows Registry Editor, Press Win + R, type Regedit and hit enter key. First Backup Registry Database then on the left pane navigate to the following key :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Here on the middle pane double click on ‘ClearPageFileAtShutDown‘ And change its value to 1 As shown below image.

clear pagefile at shutdown

Close Windows Registry Editor and Restart Windows To take Effect the changes. Now next time login check there is no more memory leak, System running smoothly.

Check For Virus / Malware Infection

Some Times Virus or malware infection lock the Running applications, Malware Run on Background And use a huge amount of memory which causes 100% memory usage issue. We recommend install an antivirus, Anti-malware application with the latest updates and perform A full system scan. Also download Run Free System optimizer like CCleaner which helps to clean, junk, cache, and system error files. And Fix broken registry Issues. After That Restart windows and check the High Memory usage, Memory Leak issue is solved.

Registry cleaning on windows 10

Remove recent applications

If you notice, High memory usage issue started After installing a third-party application or especially a Cracked game, pirated Software Then may the application is not compatible with the current windows version, or you installed a virus, or malware with a crack or pirated application. We recommend uninstalling the recently installed application From the control panel -> programs and Features -> Select the recently installed application and uninstall.

Check Corrupted System files

If while Windows 10 Upgrade Process any system file gets damaged or missing, This may also cause different Errors to include 100% memory usage, High Disk, or CPU usage problem on Windows computers. Windows have an SFC Utility ( system file checker Too ) which Helps to scan and restore missing, damaged system files.

To run the System file checker tool open the command prompt as administrator and type sfc /scannow and hit the enter key to execute the command. This will scan and repair missing corrupted system files if found any this will restore them from a cache folder located on %WinDir%\System32\dllcache. You only have to wait for 100% to complete the scanning process then restart windows and check found helpful. system running normally without any huge system resource usage.

Run system file checker

Install Pending updates

Also Make sure there is no any pending updates, Which can run on the background and cause high memory usage. Windows 10 is set to install updates automatically, But you can manually Check and install updates from Settings -> update & Security -> Windows update -> check for updates.

Check for driver updates

For several users, outdated or faulty drivers are the main reason behind this potential memory leak issue in Windows 10. While an outdated driver doesn’t necessarily have to affect any program and therefore cause the memory leak, it itself can use more memory than it should. Although Microsoft has rolled out automatic driver updates for all known hardware installed on the PC, it may not be fully optimized for best performance. The most basic drivers are sound, graphics, and network drivers, which are often the root cause of memory leaks as reported by several affected users, after upgrade to 22H2 update.

Update Driver

So The most obvious solution in that case is updated Drivers. You can either visit the device manufacturer’s website, To download the latest available driver and install them Or you can open Device Manager by press Win + R, Type Devmgmt.msc and hit the enter key.

The device manager will display the All Installed Driver list, here look for any device with a yellow tingle mark if you find Simple right-click and select uninstall. Restart Windows, again open Device manager windows will install the basic driver for that device if not you can click action and search for new hardware.

scan hardware changes

Still having a yellow tingle mark on it, Simply Right-click and select update driver. On the next screen click on Browse my computer for driver software and set the driver path which you download from the device manufacturer website. Then click next and follow the on-screen instructions to update / Install the latest driver software.

If you didn’t find any yellow triangle mark driver then we recommend to update the driver, especially for the Display driver ( Graphic Driver ), Audio Driver and Network adapter driver. Then after Restart windows, Hope Next time windows work smoothly without any huge memory usage.

Some Other Solution to Try

Above are the most working solutions to Fix Memory leak, 100% memory usage issues after upgrade to windows 10 update. Still, the problem not solved for you then some Other solutions you must try.

Adjust Windows for best performance

Simply Right-click on the start menu search type appearance and hit the enter key. Here under performance options select the visual effects tab and select the radio button “Adjust for best performance”. Click Apply and ok to save the changes, you may notice visual effect change on your system.

Disable startup programs

Right-click on Taskbar, And select Taskmanager. Move to Startup Tab and you will see a list of programs that run at startup. Right-click on the High impact applications that you don’t want to run at startup and select “Disable”

Disable Startup Programs

Defragment Hard Drives

If you are using SSD then skip this step. Press Win + R, Type dfrgui and hit enter key. Here new window click on the hard drives you want to defragment (Prefer the drive in which Windows is installed). Then Click “Optimize” and follow the instructions on the screen to finish the defragment process.

Disable Windows Suggestions

Windows 10 have a feature that shows how to use the system, along with some additional useful options. This feature can also be memory-consuming, which is another downside of it. users report after disable the Windows suggestion option they able to reduce unnecessary system resource usage.

To Disable Windows Tips And Tricks Simply open settings -> System -> Notifications & actions -> Look for Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows, and Turn it off.

Disable Superfetch and BITS service

Superfetch is another Windows service, which optimizes the performance of the system. This process allows Windows to manage the amount of RAM, decrease boot time, and make application loading more efficient. Some of This Services also Cause More System resource usage like 100% CPU, Memory leak or High Disk Usage. Disable These services help many users to fix memory leak, High system resource usage issues on Windows 10.

Press Win + R, Type services.msc and hit the enter key. Here on windows services scroll down and look for superfetch service, Double click on it. Here change the startup type disable and stop the service next to service status. click apply and OK, Again do the same with Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS).

After applying All These solutions simply Restart windows to take effect the changes you have done. On Next login check windows running smoothly, There is no more memory leak issue. All system Resources usage normal state and windows working without any problem.

These are the most working solutions to fix the Memory leak Problem, 100% memory, CPU usage After a recent upgrade. If you are also having a memory leak issue after upgrade to the windows 10 May 2020 update. I hope after apply these solutions your problem will get solved. Still have any query, suggestion Feel free to discuss on comments below. Also Read How to Rollback And uninstall windows 10 May 2020 update.

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