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Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error in Windows 10

Network and Internet Errors can Occur at any time and One of the biggest and the most common problem is the DNS Server not Responding problem. Sometimes While trying to connect to the internet you may not be able to connect to the Internet due to miscellaneous causes. When you run the Network Diagnostic Tool It Results in ‘Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding’. 

It may also show up with the website’s name along with the message ‘Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found.’ Though it is not a very common problem it occurs once in a while when the DNS server that translates a domain name doesn’t respond for any reason.

What is DNS

DNS stands for Domain name server is an end to end server which translates web addresses ( we provide for searching a particular page into the actual address of the web page. It resolves the physical address into IP address. Because the computer only understands IP addresses )so that you can access and browse the internet.

Reason Behind DNS Server Not Responding Error

Mostly DNS server not Responding Occurs When The DNS server became unresponsive, DNS service gets Corrupted. If any security firewall certainly blocked your PC and working as a barrier, didn’t communicate with websites. Or any internal problem in the network adapter or router.

Fix DNS Server is not responding Error

To Fix DNS Server not Responding problem first perform some Basic Troubleshooting like

Reboot your System and Modem Device:

First, turn off your computer and Modem device completely, and after a few minutes turn on them. This is the most basic option to work and Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error on Windows 10.

Disable Extra Network Adaptor

For Basic Troubleshooting purposes simply Disable if any extra network adapter is installed on your computer.
To-Do this Press Win + R Type ncpa.cpl and hit the enter key. Here on the Network connections window Locate any extra connections that are listed connections other than the one your computer uses that to connect to the internet. If any such connections exist, right-click on each of them one by one and click on disable. Also, disconnect the VPN connection if it is connected.


Now Try to connect to the internet. If it’s worked then fine or follow next to perform the advanced Troubleshooting.

Flush The DNS services using Command Prompt

If the DNS server became unresponsive, DNS service gets Corrupted you will face the DNS Server Not Responding error. For that, you Can Try Bellow Commands to fix them.

First, open an evelant Command Prompt To do this On Start search type cmd Right click and select Run As administrator.

Now When the command prompt opens here type command ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter. This will remove all the DNS cache entry which just might resolve the problem. Now Check these tricks works If not work then there is some more Command to Perform fallow bellow.

Type Bellow Commands one by one and press Enter key.

First, type ipconfig /release to release the Ip Address.

Next Type ipconfig /all to check and make sure IP Address is Released.

Now type ipconfig /flushdns to flush the DNS address.

After that type ipconfig /renew to Renew the Ipaddress.

And Last Type netsh winsock reset to windows socket API.


This will flush the DNS and fix DNS errors. Now After Perform these commands simply Restart the windows and Check. This will fix the DNS server not Responding error. Still getting the same problem follow the next step.

Change the DNS Addresses

If the above methods not worked then you can change the DNS address of your computer. As the problem DNS server not Responding changing the DNS address can also fix your problem do.

Right click on the network icon and select the “Open Network and Sharing Center” option. After it clicks on the “Change adapter settings”.


Or you can Type ncpa.cpl command on Run ( Win + R ) and Hit enter key this will open the Network Connections window Here Select your active network adapter, right click on it and go to Properties. Now double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Configure DNS address manually

Select ‘Use the following DNS address’ option. Now fill the following fields as given here.

Type open google DNS server addresses from the internet.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Or You can also choose from other free available DNS Servers.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server :

This is an available Open DNS address.

Click ok to make save changes.

Set Physical ( MAC ) Address as Network Address:

First Open command with admin privilege, Type below command and hit the enter key.


IP config all

This command will display the connection detail of your computer system. Note down the Physical Address.
For Example: In below given image:  FC-AA-14-B7-F6-77

Now press Windows Logo Key + R from Keyboard In RUN, type NCPA.CPL and press enter. Go to your network adapter properties. Click on Configure

configure network adapter properties


Next move to Advance Tab on Realtek PCIe Controller Properties. find Network Address in the property section and select it. Now mark on value and type your physical address without dashes. Example:  My physical address is FC-AA-14-B7-F6-77. So I’ll type FCAA14B7F677.


Set Physical Address as Network Address

Click ok to make save changes. close all opened windows. Restart windows then after check DNS server not responding problem solved.

Boot your PC in Safe Mode Networking

Sometimes third-party applications such as antivirus or VPN tools can interfere with your Internet connection and show DNS server is not responding messages on your PC. For this, you can simply Start windows into safe mode with Networking and check the internet network working without any problem. If yes then due to any third-party applications this error happened simply find and remove it from your windows.

Re-adding Winsock Registries

If all the above methods fail to fix then you can perform a simple registry tweak to fix DNS server not responding. What you can do is readding Winsock registries.

To Do this Press Windows Key + R from the keyboard to open RUN. Type Regedit and press Enter.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services.

Expend services scroll down Right click on Winsock and select Export.

Give it a name for example winsock1.reg and click on Save. Winsock backup saves Do the same thing for Winsock2.

Now, Again right click on Winsock and Winsock2 and select Delete to delete these registries. Restart your PC.

Again, Open the Windows registry editor and navigate to the same location. Registry import menu Click on File from the menu and select Import. Select the backup registry and click on open. after successfully import, Restart your PC again and check if it fixes the problem DNS server is not responding.

These are some Best Fixes to solve DNS Server Not Responding Problem. Share with us on Comments which option worked for you. Also, share has any new fix for this error. ☺

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