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How to factory reset Windows 10 Without affecting files

If you notice Windows 10 not performing well and applied every solution but still laptop lagging, not responding or startup shutdown takes a long time, then reset This PC is a good solution to reset Windows 10 its default settings that most probably fix the problem.

Reset Windows 10 without losing data

  • Navigate to Settings using Windows + I keyboard shortcut
  • Select “Update & security then Recovery in the left pane
  • Here windows represents Reset this PC, Go back to an earlier build and Advanced startup.
  • Where Reset this PC is the best option for starting fresh.
  • Advanced startup lets you boot off a recovery USB drive or disc, and allows you to access safe mode, startup repair, and more.
  • The “Go to an earlier build” option is only available if you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 1809, which helps to roll back to a previous version of the OS.

Reset this PC windows 10

Click Get Started under Reset this PC.

Next either “Keep my files” or “Remove everything,” depending on whether you want to keep your data files intact. Either way, all of your settings will return to their defaults and apps will be uninstalled.

Keep my files

Select “Just remove my files” or “Remove files and clean the drive” if you chose to “remove everything” in the prior step.

Note: Cleaning the drive takes a lot longer but will make sure that, if you are giving the computer away, the next person will have a hard time recovering your erased files. If you are keeping the computer, choose “Just remove my files.”

Click Next if Windows warns you that you won’t be able to roll back to a prior version of the OS.

Now On the Next Screen will show which app will be removed. Windows will contain all prebuild apps and remove all costume apps like MS Office etc.

Note down which app will remove so you can install them again after resetting the windows, then after click next you will prompt Ready To Reset This Pc.

Click Reset when prompted.

Note: Resetting will
. Remove all apps and programs that didn’t come with this pc
. Change settings back to their defaults
. Reinstall Windows without Removing your personal files.

Ready to reset this PC

Windows will then restart and take several minutes to reset itself.

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