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ExpressVPN: 49% off the 12 month plan + 3 months free

Privacy is an aspect that, fortunately, is becoming increasingly important for consumers. Social networks, websites and advertising tracking systems are potentially a threat in this sense that, in a silent and constant way, they capture information about our daily habits. In fact, information has become a valuable commodity, both for advertising agencies and for hackers, and is often also of interest to government agencies or the like. In this context, therefore, knowing how to protect your online activities is essential.

Using a Virtual Private Network, in this sense, is a habit that can offer quite effective protection while browsing the Web.

With ExpressVPN, you have a secure and high-performance VPN

VPNs are tools that protect your connection and related data transfer from prying eyes. Before making a subscription with any provider it is necessary to understand only the performance. In fact, with free VPNs, very often you have to deal with services that barely allow you to download e-mail or browse the Web.

Why limit yourself when, for a few dollars a month, you can opt for a professional solution like ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN discount

We are talking about a well-known company in the industry, with 94 servers spread around the world to guarantee considerable speeds. The possibility of using specific apps for different platforms (such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android ) as well as assistance, active 24 hours a day, make this provider one of the most considered worldwide.

Not only that: with the possibility of requesting a refund after 30 days of use, ExpressVPN proves to be quite confident in the quality offered to its customers.

And what about the costs? By taking out a 12-month subscription, you can get a 49% discount. This means you get all the safety and security of ExpressVPN for just $ 6.67 a month.

As if that were not enough, always with the annual subscription, 3 months are offered free in addition.

expressvpn plans

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