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How Enable Windows sandbox Feature on windows 10

With the latest Windows 10 Update Microsoft has introduced the Windows Sandbox feature. Microsoft explains the feature, Windows Sandbox is a secure environment that is separated from the underlying Windows 10 PC. That means You may use the Windows sandbox to execute files without having to worry about malicious files or unstable programs affecting data on a physical PC.

Windows sandbox system requirement

Windows Sandbox is only available in Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10.

  • It requires an AMD64 architecture,
  • Virtualization support in the BIOS,
  • At least 4 Gigabytes of RAM (8GB recommended)
  • 1 Gigabyte of free disk space.
  • At least 2 CPU cores (4 cores with hyperthreading recommended)

Enable Windows Sandbox on Windows 10

If your PC meets the minimum system requirement, follow the steps below to enable the Windows sandbox feature on Windows 10.

  • From start, menu search for Turn Windows features on or off and choose the top result

Windows features

  • This will open the Windows Features window where you can turn different features
  • Scroll down the list and check the “Windows Sandbox” option and click OK.

Enable windows feature

  • Then follow the on-screen wizard to finish installing it – a restart will be required.
  • That’s all, you have successfully enabled the Windows sandbox feature on Windows 10

Now follow the instructions below to use the Windows sandbox feature,

  • Type Windows sandbox on start menu search and select it
  • Now you can Copy the executable file you want to run to the Windows Sandbox
  • Install and use it like you normally would.
  • When you close the Windows sandbox application and every data regarding that and the temporary environment will be deleted.
  • That’s all about the Windows sandbox feature.

Windows Sandbox Feature on Windows 10

windows sandbox missing

As we have discussed before, the Windows sandbox feature is only available in Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10 Running the latest version.

You can use the Winver command to check your Windows edition and version details.

If you are having Windows 10 pro still the Windows sandbox feature is missing?

Check and make sure Virtualization is enabled in BIOS, If hardware virtualization isn’t enabled, check your motherboard manufacturer to find the instructions on how to enable the feature.

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