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Google Chrome 116 offline installer: Update closes critical vulnerability

Google has started upgrading its Chrome browser to version 116. The update closes 15 security holes, including a risky vulnerability.

With a global market share of around 67 percent, Google’s Chrome is by far the most popular browser. This also makes it an attractive target for hackers and malware. With Chrome 116, a new version of the surfing program is now available that closes 16 known security gaps. Therefore, 116.0.5845.180 make sure that your browser is up to date. Google wants to distribute the update to all users over the coming days and weeks. If you don’t have the update yet, use one of the following downloads. Your bookmarks, passwords, and historical data are preserved upon installation.

If you want to see websites load faster and have more notification prompts blocked, you’ll want to update to chrome 116 as soon as possible.

Chrome 116: 16 security holes patched

With the new version 116.0.5845.180 for Windows, macOS, and Linux, the developers eliminate 5 vulnerabilities in the browser according to the Chrome Releases Blog. Four of the leaks reported by external security researchers is classified by the Internet giant as “High”, i.e. a very high risk. After all, others have a medium or low risk. Moreover, it also addresses 101 bugs discovered in the browser.

  • [$10000][1469542] High CVE-2023-4430: Use after free in Vulkan. Reported by Cassidy Kim(@cassidy6564) on 2023-08-02
  • [$3000][1469754] High CVE-2023-4429: Use after free in Loader. Reported by Anonymous on 2023-08-03
  • [$2000][1470477] High CVE-2023-4428: Out of bounds memory access in CSS. Reported by Francisco Alonso (@revskills) on 2023-08-06
  • [$NA][1470668] High CVE-2023-4427: Out of bounds memory access in V8. Reported by Sergei Glazunov of Google Project Zero on 2023-08-07
  • [$NA][1469348] Medium CVE-2023-4431: Out of bounds memory access in Fonts. Reported by Microsoft Security Researcher on 2023-08-01

The company traditionally withholds details of the problems discovered until the majority of users have installed the update. Fortunately, there have been no reports so far that cybercriminals are already actively exploiting the vulnerabilities.

New features in Chrome 116

In addition to security updates, bug fixes, and stability improvements, Chrome 116 also enables the sidebar, where you can find more info about the open website, run extra search queries, and perform similar web actions. Also, when you right-click selected text on a web page and perform a search, it opens in the sidebar. If you aren’t happy with this new behavior, you can disable it in chrome://flags.

The Downloads UI now appear as a shortened list behind a Firefox-like circle button in the toolbar. The bottom bar is now removed, but you can restore it manually.

There are also changes made to Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes. Discarded tabs now have better visibility, and display more detailed memory usage information.

Chrome now allows adding exceptions right from the open tabs currently open in the browser, and exclude the tab from memory optimization from the page information pane.

How to upgrade to Chrome 116?

If you are already running the Chrome browser, the latest version 116.0.5845.180 downloads and installs automatically.

  • First, open the Google Chrome browser
  • Click on the Chrome menu icon on the browser toolbar at the top right
  • Then click on help, about Google Chrome, You can access the same from Chrome settings -> About Chrome
  •  This will automatically download the Google Chrome 116 update.

Or you can simply type chrome://settings/help on the address and press the enter key to update Chrome 116.

Chrome 114 download


Download the Google Chrome 116 offline installer

Important to know! The offline installer links do not include the automatic update feature.

Download: Google Chrome Offline Installer 64-bit | 92.6 MB
Download: Google Chrome Offline Installer 32-bit | 88.2 MB

Download web installer: Google Chrome Web 32-bit | Google Chrome 64-bit | Freeware.

Download: Google Chrome MSI Installers for Windows (automatic update)

DownloadGoogle Chrome MSI Installer [Enterprise Edition]

DownloadGoogle Chrome for macOS

DownloadGoogle Chrome Offline Installer for Linux

DownloadGoogle Chrome for Android

DownloadGoogle Chrome for iOS

DownloadGoogle Chrome Portable

Install Chrome on Windows 11

Installing Google Chrome on your Windows 11 PC or laptop is very simple as downloading it.

First, visit the Chrome official site and click the Download Chrome button

Download chrome

  • The next screen brings up the terms and service screen,
  • Read the terms and license agreement, then click the accept and install button to download the web setup file of Chrome.

Chrome terms of service

  • Now open the download location, right-click on chromeSetup.exe and select run as administrator,
  • This will take less than a minute (depending on your internet speed) to complete the download and installation process.

Once done

Windows 10: A Chrome window opens after everything is done. You can make Chrome your default browser.

And you have successfully installed Google Chrome on Windows 10.

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