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Permanently delete files from hard drive (Disk Erasing with Diskpart Tool)

Using Diskpart, you can clean the hard disks on your computer via the command line, without the need for any additional software.

For various reasons, users may want to completely clean a particular hard disk or hard disk partition. There are plenty of different software available designed to permanently delete files from hard drive. However, you will not need to use this software for a simple deletion with Microsoft’s Diskpart tool.

DiskPart is a disk partitioning utility which uses command lines to perform operations.

If you have more than one disk, you must first make sure that you have selected the correct disk, as the deletion process with Diskpart will completely clean the disk you selected. To do this, right-click the Start icon and click Disk Management in the drop-down list.

Disk Management window

In the window that appears, you will see the hard disks you have and the partitions in these disks. At the bottom of the window, you will see that the disks are numbered.

Write down the number of the disk you want to erase, right-click on the Start icon and run the command prompt as administrator.

After the command prompt opens, type diskpart on the command line and confirm. This action will open a new command window.

disk part command

Type list disk in diskpart command line and confirm. This command will list the disks in your system.

disk list command

Check the number of the disk you want to erase in the listed disks. If it is the same as the number you wrote down, we can continue with the deletion process.

You will need to select the disk you want to erase to start the erasing process. Select the disk you want to erase by typing select disk [disk number]  on the command line. Example:  select disk 1.

select disk commandAfter you see the notification that the disk is selected,  you can start the disk cleaning process by entering the clean command. After the cleanup process is complete, you can exit the command line. Now the disk you deleted will be ready for use again after partitioning.

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