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Solved: Windows 10 Boot error 0xc000000f “your pc needs to be repaired”

Are you getting the Error Code: 0xc000000f while booting your Windows PC? This is because the Boot Configuration Database (BCD) file is corrupted or missing on your PC. BOOTMGR uses BCD(*) for storing all the boot options and settings of your Windows computer. Unfortunately, if the BCD file can’t be found when your Windows computer is booting, you may encounter 0xc000000f error.

Fix The 0xc000000f Error In Windows

Most commonly disk write errors, power outages cause boot configuration database to corrupt, and perform startup repair or rebuild BCD from advanced command prompt windows most probably fix the error for you

First of all disconnect all external devices connected to your PC and restart windows to check if this starts windows normally.

As windows won’t start normally you need to have a Windows Setup DVD or Bootable USB Installation ready to fix the problem. In case you don’t have, read this article to learn how to create Windows installation media from here.

Windows Startup Repair

The Startup Repair in Windows Installation tool can help you to scan for corrupted or missing system files on your computer, and then replace them if needed. It’s a good way to repair the BCD data file in case it’s damaged or missing.

To use this feature, follow the instructions below:

  • Firstly, insert your Windows Setup disc into CD/DVD reader and then reboot your computer.
  • Select to boot from that Windows Setup disc. If you use a bootable USB flash drive, then choose to boot from a removable disk instead of the CD/DVD reader.
  • When you see the “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” message on your screen, just press any key, for example: Enter, or Space.
  • When the Windows Setup is loaded, click on the “Next” button to get started.
  • In the next step, choose “Repair your computer” instead of clicking on the “Install now” button.

windows 10 repair your computer

Note: Depending on the version of Windows you are using, the steps may differ a bit. But the final destination is to open the Startup Repair feature and run it to scan your computer and repair corruption.

  • Next, go to Troubleshoot, Advanced option and select the Startup Repair option.

Windows Advanced Options

  • The Startup Repair tool will start scanning your computer for problems and will try to correct them if possible.
  • Then, restart your Windows computer and see whether it’s able to boot up successfully or not.

Manually Rebuild The BCD Data File

Besides using the Startup Repair feature in the Setup disc to correct the error, you can also rebuild the BCD data file manually.

To do so, follow the same instructions above to boot into Windows Setup,

Access advanced options then select Command Prompt from the options.

In the next step, execute the following command to rebuild the BCD on your computer.

  • bootrec /fixMBR
  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd

It will automatically scan for Windows installation and rebuild the BCD data file.

After that, reboot your computer and see if it’s able to boot up successfully.

rebuild BCD

Check And Replace Your Data Cable If Need

As I mentioned above, the 0xc000000f can be caused by a damaged data cable. Therefore, you need to check and verify it to make sure it’s still in good condition. If you have used it for years, I would suggest purchasing a new data cable to replace the one you are using right now.

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