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Battery draining very fast on Windows 10 Laptop? Here Ho to Maximize Battery Life

By default Windows 10 is designed to deliver the best performance. If you are Continuously working on, the battery life on your Windows 10 laptop is a critical part of your overall workflow and productivity. If you notice battery draining very fast on your Old or New Laptop here some tweaks to reduce battery draining and Maximize Battery Life on Windows 10

Enable Battery Saver Mode

Using battery saver is the easiest way to extend battery life. Enabling battery saver mode turns off the power-hungry background process. Such as disables email and calendar syncing, live tile updates, push notifications, and apps from running in the background And help you get a few more minutes out of your battery.  You can easily turn it  From the Settings app choose System and then Battery saver

If you want battery saver to turn on whenever the battery falls below a certain level, select Turn battery saver on automatically if my battery falls below: and set it where you’d like.

To turn on battery saver now and leave it on until the next time you plug in your PC, turn on Battery saver status until next charge.

Enable Windows 10 Battery Saver Mode

Turn screen brightness down

The brightness of your screen is another big battery sucker. You can turn it down a notch or two by searching for ‘Brightness’ in Cortana and clicking on Display settings. Under ‘Adjust brightness level’, move the scrolling bar down – but make sure it’s still bright enough to use.

Turn off keyboard backlights

Like the display, keyboard backlighting also drains your laptop’s battery. Turn them off when they aren’t needed. Your laptop likely has a Function key that lets you toggle the keyboard backlights on and off. If not, you’ll find a control for it in the Windows Mobility Center.

Turn on Adaptive Brightness

As like smartphones Windows 10 also comes with adaptive brightness feature, and enabling this feature is another effective way to improve Windows 10 battery life. For them who dont aware about this feature which adaptive brightness features enabled your system will automatically dim the screen in dark and set the brightness to provide you the best vision.

You can turn on this feature from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options. click on change plan settings -> then click  Change advanced power settings Expand Display> expand Enable Adaptive Brightness. Now, turn on Adaptive Brightness for On-battery and Plugged in options (whichever you like. Click Ok to save the settings.

Note: This feature will only work if your Laptop has the ambient light sensor installed.

Turn on Adaptive Brightness

Adjust power and sleep settings

Leaving your PC idle is a waste of battery, so make sure you’ve got the best screen and sleep options set-up. Search ‘Power’ in Cortana and select Power & sleep settings. (or by going to Settings > System > Power & sleep)

Here, you can adjust how long your PC should wait before the display turns off or your laptop goes into sleep mode when it’s running on battery power. Select a suitable time that you’re comfortable with from each drop down box.

Note: The shorter you set these times, the longer your battery will last.

Adjust Power and sleep settings on windows 10

Find out Which app Drain your Battery life

Checking which app uses more battery life another effective way to reduce battery draining issue on windows 10 computer. Press Windows + I to open settings, click on the system. then on the left panel look for and click on the battery saver and click on the battery usage by app link as shown image below.

battery use

The list will show you the percentage of battery your apps have used in the past 6 or 24 hours or the past week. If you find an app that you think it using more than its fair share, click on it and toggle off the switch for Managed by Windows and then make sure the box remains unchecked for Allow app to run background tasks.

battery usage by app

Uninstall Apps and Software you do not Use

On your laptop, there are applications that you installed and never used them again. These applications consume resources every time you use your computer, as they keep running in the background. So, it is better to review installed programs and remove the apps you do not use at all. To view the list of applications installed on your computer go to Control panel >Remove programs. Uninstalling unnecessary applications from your computer is an effective way to boost Windows 10 battery life.

Wifi, Bluetooth and Other Settings

As we Always Turn off WiFi And Bluetooth on our Smartphone to save Battery life, The same thing applies to Windows 10 Laptop also. As These features make it easier to connect devices to your computer but you should only turn on them when it is required otherwise they keep scanning for devices around and this process consumes battery so it is always a good idea to turn these adapters on only when you want to connect through them. After that, you should turn them off.

You Can easily control them from settings -> network & Internet -> Airplane mode

Control WiFi And Bluetooth connection on windows 10

There are few more factors which can help you to improve battery life such as you should not use so many peripherals when you are running on battery, keeping system volume muted or on the lower level when you are not playing any music or video. Again Constantly checking for new email messages can drain your battery. Reduce the email sync time every 30 minuteshourly or manually is another effective way to save battery life. So, these small tips can help to enhance battery life on Windows 10 thus you can have better computing experience.

Did these tips helpful to Maximize Battery Life on Windows 10 Laptop? Let us know on comments. Also Read How to Enable and configure Focus Assist on Windows 10 version 1803.

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