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Best Antivirus for windows 10 and 11 to secure your system

To optimize windows PC so that its performance remains stable we need it clean from viruses and malware infection, and one very effective solution is to install the best antivirus.

Most of the time virus malware infection causes serious problems on Windows computers, system performance suddenly because very slow, the system freezes or hangs, the system fan sounds very loud or you may encounter different blue screen errors as well. More than that virus malware infection can also damage files stored on the computer. And the solution for virus or malware infection is install the best antivirus application. Here in this post, we have some best antivirus recommendations for windows PC that you can choose

Windows Security

Best antivirus for your computer

Windows 10 comes with a built-in program that plays a major role in maintaining overall system security, the program is called Windows Security (formerly Windows Defender). This is the default antivirus for windows 10 which is reliable enough to keep the system clean from viruses and malware. You can scan your system with windows security to make sure the computer you are using is not infected with a virus. And the important thing is that you need always update it regularly so that the existing database stays updated with the new types of viruses that appear.

Always install the latest windows updates from Settings > Update & Security > Check for updates, so that Windows Security has the latest virus database to protect your computer.

Make sure to Enable Real-time protection on windows security especially when we are surfing the internet.

  • Open Windows Security
  • Go to Virus & threat protection settings then Manage settings
  • Here activate the Real-time protection option and all the options below it.

In addition, make sure Activate App and browser control to check every file that we get from the internet, if there is malicious code in it, we will get a warning not to install it into the system.

  1. Go to Windows Security settings in the same way as above
  2. Select App & browser control
  3. Check the Warn option on the Check apps and files option, SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge and SmartScreen for Microsoft Store apps

Advantages of Windows Security:

  • It’s completely Free with windows 10
  • Works very optimally on Windows operating system
  • Does not burden the system
  • Doesn’t pop up annoying notifications like other antivirus
  • Get direct maintenance from Microsoft


  • False positives often occur, namely detecting programs that are not viruses as viruses. It often happens for those of you who like to use crack software.
  • Limited control.



If you are looking for third-party antivirus for your computer then the best option is to use Bitdefender. It’s one of the best Antivirus for Windows 10 which is suitable for every user to use. Bitdefender antivirus has a fairly good detection score and is quite light when scanning. Some of its features will also be very useful to facilitate your work, including the unlimited password manager, Wi-Fi scanner, and secure browser for safe browsing on the internet. It’s very easy to use, once installed it will be in the tray icon and you can access it from there to scan drives or change settings.


  • Light
  • Free version available
  • Easy-to-use UI Tampilan


  • No options for customization
  • There is no schedule quick scan feature

Download Bitdefender here:

Avast Free Antivirus


The next best antivirus for windows 10 is Avast. As you know, most antivirus currently available are paid software. Although it provides a free version, there are lots of limitations that you will feel. But Avast free antivirus provides almost all of its features for free. You don’t need to spend money to buy the premium version because the free version of Avast is enough to protect our computers to keep them safe from viruses. Compared to other free antiviruses, Avast offers more features such as a password manager, Wi-Fi network scanner, and VPN services. We also freely make modifications to the existing interface in the application.


  • Free
  • More complete features than other free antivirus
  • More flexibility in customizing functions and interface appearance
  • There is a free VPN feature


  • Longer scanning process
  • Consumes quite a lot of resources
  • Notifications to upgrade to the paid version often appear and are quite annoying

Download Avast here:


Kaspersky free antivirus

Another best antivirus application for Windows 10 is Kaspersky. You may know this antivirus as a paid antivirus at a price that is quite expensive. But Kaspersky also provides a free antivirus version that you can install for free. In this free version, you will get protection features from malware and antivirus as well as Kaspersky security cloud. When running scanning, this application also does not take up too many resources so it is quite light to use on every computer.


  • Pretty solid virus and malware protection
  • Light
  • Fast scanning process


  • Many extra features that cannot be used in the free version

Download Kaspersky here:

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG is an antivirus with excellent malware detection capabilities, making it one of the best antiviruses for Windows 10 that you should try. While scanning, AVG also only consumes a few resources so it doesn’t make the computer slow. you won’t even feel a significant change in performance when the antivirus is working here. The features offered in the free version are also quite complete, if only for the need to protect your computer from malware and viruses then AVG Free Antivirus is enough.


  • Free
  • Users can customize
  • Does not burden the system


  • Annoying notifications for upgrading to the paid version

Download AVG here:

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